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November 2009

Pesky parasites. They may be unpleasant to think about, but parasitic diseases can seriously affect your dog’s health. To keep her safe, learn all you need to know about diseases like heartworm, mange, and intestinal worms, and what you can do to protect her. 
Gift guide for dog lovers. Treat the humans in your life as well as they treat their dogs. Check out the latest and greatest dog-themed goods for people in our holiday gift guide. From fun to functional, we take the stress out of the shopping season.

Dogs and women. Did you know that most DOG FANCY readers are women? And no wonder. When you read about all the ways that dogs make women’s lives better, you’ll completely understand why we, in turn, love our doggie best friends so, so much.

Natural Dog returns. Our popular double issue is back with more natural news. We explore animal shelters and dog parks that have gone green. And we take a look at a new trend: natural pet-supply stores. 

Meet the feisty Norfolk Terrier, the loyal Beauceron, and the affectionate Keeshond.

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