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January 2009

A healthy new year. Many of us make resolutions to get into better shape and lose weight at the beginning of a new year. It’s a good time to help your dog improve her health, too, especially if she’s put on a few pounds over the years. With our nutrition and exercise tips, she’ll be svelte and toned in no time.

Rachael Ray’s second love. You know her as a food guru who helps busy people put together easy, inexpensive, and super-tasty dishes. But she’s also a dog lover. Meet Rachael and her canine pal, American Pit Bull Terrier Isaboo.  

So many happy endings. Dog sanctuaries have sprung up all over the country. They give short- or long-term homes to dogs who wouldn’t have a chance at the average animal shelter. Some stay the rest of their lives. Meet some of the dogs who call a sanctuary home.

Dogs and women. Did you know that most DOG FANCY readers are women? And no wonder. When you read about all the ways that dogs make women’s lives better, you’ll completely understand why we, in turn, love our doggie best friends so, so much.

Meet the heroic Newfoundland, the hardy Icelandic Sheepdog, and the intelligent Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

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