Dog Fancy Table of Contents - December 2008

December 6, 2008




December 2008

28 | The Year's Best Dog Stuff*
Our editors pick 2008's top 15 products. More >>

34 | Safe Celebrations*
’Tis the season to keep your dog secure and healthy. More >>
By Maureen Kochan

38 | Nothin’ But a Hound Dog*
Ridgeback rescuer takes in a decidedly un-Rhodesian Redbone. More >>
By Denise Flaim

42 | Katz and Dogs*
Bedlam Farm’s dogs inspire and shape one writer’s life. More >>
By Kyra Kirkwood

46 | Aah, the Golden Years
Announcing the winners of our photo contest for great senior dogs. More >>

48 | Holiday Gifts for Dogs*
Find the perfect present for your pup. More >>
By Sandy Robins

66 | A Northern Star
The spirited Siberian Husky is an eager worker and energetic friend. More >>
By Vicki Shields

72 | Wily and Wiry
The Brussels Griffon will charm and challenge you — at the same time. More >>
By Eve Adamson

76 | Xoloitzcuintli
Loyal and intelligent, the Xoloitzcuintli is also known as the Mexican Hairless. More >>
By Cherie Langlois

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8 | Readers Bark Back
Read letters now. 
More >>
Bark Back Now

10 | Newshound
Dog news, tips, and trends.

12 | Canine Traveler
Dogs get the celebrity treatment in Los Angeles.
By Denise Fleck

16 | Clean Dog Clean House
Advice from DOG FANCY's cleaning expert, plus household cleaning tips.

20 | Checkup
Ask the Vet, plus other health news.

24 | Natural Dog
The top 10 holistic remedies.
By Denise Flaim

26 | Best Behavior
Your behavior questions answered, and training help.

54 | Exercise & Sports
Hiking with your dog.
By Sally Deneen

55 | Outdoors
Fire pits appeal to man and beast.
By Tom Barthel

56 | The Loving Bond
Let your dog enlighten your life.
By Aubrey Fine, Ed.D.

57 | Haute Dog
Luxury and lifestyle trends for the pampered pooch.

142 | Coming Next Month
Get a preview of our January issue. 
More >>

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