Top Dog Products of 2011

DOG FANCY Editor's top picks for 2011 dog products.

For seven years, the editors of DOG FANCY have had the exciting yet difficult task of selecting the best dog products of the year. This is no simple venture. We must rigorously test and evaluate the hundreds of products we receive, judging on the basis of innovation and usefulness for dog owners. There are lots of great products, but only a select few earn the coveted seal of approval and are named Editor's Choice.

Here are the 12 products we loved for 2011. We hope you love them, too!

Yummy travel bowl

Yummy Travel Bowls
“As much fun as traveling with dogs can be, bringing their food and water along for the journey means high mess potential. Thankfully, there is Yummy Travel Bowls. The innovative design of this three-in-one product lets you store, transport, and serve food and water at the same time, without the worry of mixing or spilling the two. Adding to its convenience, Yummy Travel Bowls is safe to use in dishwashers, freezers and microwaves.” — Katie Ingmire, Associate Editor

  • $39.99, from Sleepypod; 877-763-6963; Website

sleepypod atom

Sleepypod Atom
“Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, Sleepypod has the carrier to keep your small pooch covered. The Atom not only fits beneath a wise range of airline seats, but it has seat belt straps on two sides that transform it into a safe car seat. You and your dog can breathe easier when he's inside the carrier, too — it features mesh panel on three sides for be btter ventilation.” — K.I.

  • $99.99, from Sleepypod; 877-763-6963; Website>>

pickle pocket

Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket
“Tons of fun! Who couldn’t love a toy that looks like a neon green pickle? The Pickle Pocket has an innovative design that allows you to put treats in several places of varying difficulty to reach. My French Bulldog has some of the more traditional treat-dispensing toys figured out, so it’s nice to see a toy that offers a new challenge. I also love that it is made of a super strong rubber that he can’t chew through, and even more importantly, it’s easy to clean!” -- Samantha Goldstein, Managing Web Editor.

  • $19.99, from Starmark Pet Products, Inc.; Website>>


Booda SqueakBottles
“My terrier, Gordon, loves to crunch plastic water bottles. Booda’s SqueakBottles take that recycling idea to a new level. Just screw the durable squeaker on top of a water bottle and slide it into the plush toy sleeve. Instant new toy!” -- Ernie Slone, Editor

Choose from the Purple Whale, Shark, Penguin, Killer Whale and Gator.


Pet Hub SmartLink Tag
“Like many people obsessed with technology, I am glued to my iPhone, which makes this product even more ingenious. Scan the QR code on the tag with any smartphone, and you will have all the important contact and medical information for the dog right there. It protects your privacy and protects your dog in case of an emergency, whether he’s lost or in need of serious care. It’s so smart, I kind of wish they made one for humans.” -- Reina Kutner

  • $12.95, from Pet Hub Inc.;

Dog gate

Také One-Touch Pet Gate
“I love products that look great in the house while still serving an important function, and the Také One-Touch Pet Gate fits that description perfectly. Made with eco-friendly bamboo, the gate fits in wonderfully with home décor. Plus, you don’t have to treat it like a hurdle. The gate has a convenient door that opens in both directions so you can easily move from one room to another while your dog stays in the area he’s supposed to.” — K.I.

  • $159.99, from Richell USA Inc.;

urine eliminator

Pee-eww Urine Eliminator System
“Most cleaning products for pet stains just mist the top portion of your carpet, so you really can’t get to the urine that has soaked into the bottom. That’s why I think the Pee-eww system’s injector cap is so cool: It allows you to get the cleaning solution deep down into the carpet, truly eliminating all stains and odors. Plus the black light will help you find stains long overlooked. It’s cleaning made efficient.” -- Annamaria Barajas, Managing Editor

  • $19.99, from Bissell;


Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Plush Toys
“Registering at 28KHz, Hear Doggy’s sound is at a level dogs, but not humans, can hear. At first, I wasn’t convinced this was anything more than a broken squeaky toy. But then I tested it on Harley, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier mix, whose ears perked up every time I  squeezed the toy. It’s great for the annoyed owner who can’t stand to hear another high-pitched sound from their dog’s toy. It may bother your feline, though -- my cousin’s cat Jinjy could hear it, too.” -- R.K.

  • $9.99 to $12.99, from Quaker Pet Group;

water dispenser

UV Light Infinity Purifying Water Fountain
“We worry so much about the chemicals and additives in the water we drink, of course we think twice about the water our dogs drink. So this fountain that uses an ultraviolet light to blast away bacteria and pathogens is so refreshing. Along with a charcoal filter, this fountain promises to provide your dog with only the freshest water through recirculation.” -- A.B.

  • $99.99, from Petmate;

backseat bridge

Back Seat Bridge
“Not all of us can afford roomy SUVs, and when a German Shepherd Dog is in the backseat of your mid-size sedan, they could definitely use some wiggle room. Enter the Backseat Bridge, which is placed in the gap between the front and back seats, allowing your pooch to have more space. In addition to comfort, it also provides safety, as there is a barrier that prevents your dog from jumping into the front seat. It holds up to 100 pounds, so a variety of breeds can relax and enjoy the car ride.” -- R.K.

dog bike leash

1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash
“I have often tried to picture my dog and I biking together and can typically only picture disaster. He is well-trained, but the idea of moving wheels and the off chance that a squirrel runs by means that we will most likely end up in a tangled heap of metal and fur. With the 1-Running Dog Bike Tow, however, we actually have a chance at success! Featuring a sturdy metal bike attachment and flexible leash, it is the right balance of practical, safety, and comfort for dog and person. The flexible leash gives the dog room to run comfortably, while the metal rod keeps the dog at a safe distance from the bike. I love that I have a new way to exercise with my dog!” -- S.G.

  • $146, from Leon Engineering, Inc.; Website>>


Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats
“Want to treat your dog without turning him into Jabba the Mutt? Fruitables Sweet Potato & Pecan Crunchy Dog Treats are naturally healthy goodies, rich in antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables. They smell great and my dogs love the taste, yet are only nine calories. These people need to start making snacks for us humans.” -- E.S.



These wonderful dogs have all found homes, but there are thousands of great dogs across the country in shelters and in rescue groups still waiting. They could get no better gift than a loving home for the holidays.

Dallas (Dachshund- Chihuahua mix)

Harley (Beagle mix)

lollipop shih tzu mix
Lollipop (Shih-Tzu mix)

pumba and timon
  Pumba and Timon (Chow-Shepherd mix puppies)

  Effran Cocker Spaniel - Bassest Hound mix
  Effran (Cocker Spaniel - Bassest Hound mix)

Daisy (Australian Shepherd mix)

Lulu and Pipi
Lulu and Pipi (Yorkshire Terrier mixes)

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