How Dog-Friendly Is Your Town?

Answer a few questions about your hometown to find out where it ranks.


Answer the following seven questions to find out if your town is a great place to be a dog – or dog owner. Keep track of your answers and tally up your points!

1. Finish this sentence: In my town, …
a) People have more dogs than kids! (2 points)
b) Dogs are a common sight. (1 point)
c) I’m one of the few dog owners. (0 points)

2. How far is the nearest fenced-in dog park by car?
a) Less than 10 minutes. (2 points)
b) Between 10 and 20 minutes. (1 point)
c) What dog park? (0 points)

3. How many restaurant meals can you eat with your dog in one day without going to the same place twice – or leaving your city?
a) Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (2 points)
b) Breakfast and lunch. (1 point)
c) One meal. (0 points)

4. Your best friend is going to visit with her dog, but she can’t stay with you. How many hotels in your city will accept her dog?
a) Three or more. (2 points)
b) One or two. (1 point)
c) None. (0 points)

5. How many veterinarians practice in your city?
a) They’re everywhere, like Starbucks. (2 points)
b) Not sure, but there seem to be plenty. (1 point)
c) None. I drive to another town to see my veterinarian. (0 points)

6. Are there laws in your town that are intended to protect dogs?
a) Yes. (1 point)
b) No. (0 points)

7. Finish this sentence: In my town, …
a) Every weekend there seems to be another dog event, like a dog show or festival. (2 points)
b) Dog events – like a costume parade or dog walk-a-thon – happen every few months. (1 point)
c) I have to leave town to attend a dog event. (0 points)



11 to 13 points

Happy tails to you! Your town is a model of dog-friendliness. Businesses, residents, and city leaders alike embrace dogs and the people who love them. Congratulations!


7 to 10 points

Something to wag about. Your town is taking great steps to honor its canine citizens, but there’s probably some room for improvement. Figure out what your town needs, like a dog-friendly festival or sporting event, and rally other dog-loving citizens to make it happen.


6 points or less

Don’t whine! Consider your town a work in progress. Talk to other dog owners and form a dog owners’ association to lobby city leaders for better dog laws or perhaps start a dog park. Then make like a dog with a bone and don’t give up. Your dog – and dog owners all over your city – will thank you!

Maureen Kochan is a DOG FANCY contributing editor.


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Lizette - 203665   Sacramento, CA

7/30/2014 3:58:43 AM

Sacramento is very dog friendly. We have several dog parks. I live close to the levy by the Sacramento River and you will always see dog owners with their dogs. You will see owners of multiple dogs. My apartment complex has a couple of doggie areas which is a good place to see your neighbors and their dogs. We have a couple of dog events which are yearly. I like the Doggie Dash put on by The American Cancer Society.

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MamaBahama   Cherry Valley, IL

7/20/2014 1:40:06 PM

I live in a small town but it is also a very dog populated town. On any given day I see many dogs as there is a forest preserve less than 2 blocks down the road where everyone likes to go walking. There is also a dog park less than a mile from the house and it is always packed and it has a huge fenced in area for the friendlier dogs and a smaller area for the dogs who need to be by themselves.

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crystal34   Florence, IN

6/8/2014 5:22:30 PM

We just got a dog park on our town last year. We had to drive a good 40 minutes to get to a dog park.

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Chere Fuessel   Tennessee Ridge, TN

4/11/2014 12:55:03 PM

Our area is two small (total pop. less than 3000) in a rural area. We do have a very good vet clinic, but there is no animal control or shelter (in spite of several petitions). Many animals are simply "dumped and become everyone else's problem. no lease laws, and if there were, no one to enforce them. Many dogs belong to families that cannot afford to really take proper care of them, and Old Wives' tales are
(a female should have a litter - it will make her a better dog).

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