Peaceful Coexistence for Dogs and Cats

Can dogs and cats living together really equal mass hysteria?


Dog and cat
Before bringing a dog into the home with a resident cat, consider the dog’s age, breed and individual personality. A mature terrier with intense prey drive may view your kitty as a rabbit. Issues to consider:

  • Because prey drive develops with maturity, most dogs taught to respect the family cat as puppies never regard her as prey.

  • Breeds known for a gentle nature, such as Golden Retrievers and Collies, coexist most easily with cats, making adolescent or adult adoptions more likely to succeed.

  • The flightier the cat, the less prey drive is desirable in the dog. Darting cats elicit prey instinct.

  • If you want to adopt an adolescent or adult dog with strong prey drive, find one accustomed to living with a cat.

Any doubts concerning your cat’s safety demand professional help to ascertain the dog’s suitability for your home and subsequent training. Hopefully your dog and cat become friends, but tolerance suffices.


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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

7/12/2012 11:46:36 PM

Our dogs and cats coexist. Not exactly peacefully but I think both species enjoy a game of chase.

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