Dog Fancy Table of Contents - February 2008

February 9, 2008




February 2008

24 | Love Me, Love My Dog*
Finding the right guy is hard enough, but it can become infinitely more difficult when your dog is convinced he’s the only partner you need. We give you advice on how to make your life big enough for three.  More >>
By Maureen Kochan

 | My Furry Valentine
It’s official: DOG FANCY readers really love their dogs! We loved reading your entries, and we think this set of winners truly captures the spirit of our first My Doggie Valentine contest.  More >>

34 | Beyond Clean Teeth*
Your dog’s mouth is an important but often overlooked aspect of his overall health. We fill you in on what could be missing from your routine.   More >>
By Eve Adamson

40 | Life Around the Ring*
The dogs at Westminster are world-class examples of their breed, but there’s more to these competitors than just a pretty face. We go beyond the glare of the spotlight to see what top show dogs are like outside the ring.  More >>
By Nikki Moustaki

58 | America's Favorite
The Labrador Retriever plays many roles: workout partner, service dog, hunting aide. With something for everyone, it's no surprise the Labrador Retriever is the country's most popular breed.  More >>
By Denise Flaim

64 | The Love of the Irish
With its keen intelligence and high trainability, the talented Kerry Blue Terrier is utterly devoted to the task at hand, whether farm or family.  More >>
By Lisa Hanks

66 | Dual-Purpose Dog
The Dogo Argentino combines the dedication of a working dog with the heart of a family pet. A fearless hunter and loving companion, this versatile breed needs a capable, experienced owner.  More >>
By Vicki Shields

*BONUS! | DogChannel Exclusives
Find more about these topics in DogChannel exclusives — articles, tools, and references that will build your dog-owner skills.  More >>

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4 | Coming Next Month
Get a preview of our March issue. 
More >>

8 | Readers Bark Back
Read letters now. 
More >>

 | Newshound
Dog news, tips, and trends.

16 | Canine Traveler
California dreamin'.
By Audrey Pavia

 | Clean Dog Clean House
Advice from DOG FANCY's new cleaning expert, plus great tips.

20 Natural Dog
Going holistic with your vet, and more.
By Denise Flaim

22 | Best Behavior
Your behavior questions answered, and training help.

44 | Checkup
Ask the Vet, plus other health news.

48 | Puppy-Senior
Make life easier for your special-needs senior.
By Maryann Mott

Haute Dog
Luxury and lifestyle trends for the pampered pooch.

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