Aah, The Golden Years

Announcing the winners of our photo contest for senior dogs.


We’ve been inundated with photos of beautiful, older dogs in the past few months. It’s been a joy to see all the wonderful pets who are still leading active lives, often doing pet therapy or some other kind of work, and, of course, are still the apples of their owners’ eyes. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing the four dogs whose photos — and stories — we just couldn’t resist.

Grand prize winner Angelo will receive $100 worth of Dog Chow from Nestlé Purina PetCare and a pair of Dog Chow jackets for his family. Benny, our second place winner, will find food and jackets in his mailbox, as well. Third place winner Katie and honorable mention Roxanne both win food, too. We’ll also be sending all the winners a 2009 DOG FANCY Year-In-A-Box Calendar, now available at bookstores.

Grand Prize

Angelo, Golden Retriever, 13
“Angelo is my ‘heart dog.’ As his age slows down, it does not slow down his spirit and will to live. He wakes up each day with a smile, ready to face the day. To Angelo, every day is a celebration. And to us, each day is a gift!”
Jeanne Urna, Lincoln Park, N.J.

2nd Place


MWD Benny B163 (Ret.), German Shepherd Dog, 11
“Benny is my adopted, retired Air Force military working dog who was scheduled for euthanasia. Benny’s devotion and love touch my heart deeply. He’s my gift from God, my one-in-a-lifetime canine love. Now a certified therapy dog, Benny gives much joy and love to others, too. He’s amazing!”
Deborah Kandoll, Pikeville, N.C.

3rd Place

Katie, Wire Fox Terrier, 11
“Katie is a registered therapy dog and brings smiles to residents at assisted living facilities every Tuesday. She is also involved with the SPCA’s humane education program. She visits a first grade class and alternative school to teach young people how to care for and love a pet. But most of all she is my best friend. I love her with all my heart.”
Ruth Masucci, Aiken, S.C.

Honorable Mention

Roxanne, German Shepherd Dog-Rottweiler mix, 12
“This loyal and loving friend has been with me through some very hard times. A warm paw, a toy, a concerned look: She wouldn’t let me feel sorry for myself. Little did she know that she was the best medicine ever; she saved my life. I’ll be forever grateful for Roxanne.”
Ed Moore, Akron, Ohio


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James Kessel   Arlington, GA

1/6/2010 12:59:28 PM

For all who have been following MWD Benny B163, he went to guard the Golden Gates 03 Jan 2010. My prayers are out there for both Benny and Debbie

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Andi   Phoenix, AZ

7/2/2009 9:06:03 AM

Loved it! These are good, real dog stories. I am so excited to see that the retired military working dog has a loving home and is now sharing love with others through service as a certified therapy dog!

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Penny Carlson   Lytle Creek, CA

11/23/2008 9:07:04 AM

Angelo has been an inspiration to many pet owners having fought and won the battle against Evans Syndrome. He is a winner in so many
to Angelo!

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Lynn   Conyers, GA

11/1/2008 5:33:17 PM

It is SO great to see these wonderful, active, healthy older dogs enjoying life! I am shocked by the fact that the second place winner, MWD Benny B163 (Ret.) was almost euthanized!! WHY would the miltary do that to a dog that has served so loyally and devotedly? Obviously, Benny wasn't sick or he wouldn't look so great and be a therapy dog! I am truly puzzled! Does anyone out there know the answer?

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