DogFancy iPhone iPad app

Think you know your stuff when it comes to dog breeds?
What about their Groups or countries of origin?

DOG FANCY announces the release of its first iPhone and iPad app for dog lovers.

Start off easy with the basic breed I.D. test. We give you a photo of a dog, and you select the breed from three possibilities.  See how many you can answer correctly before your bones run out!

If that's too easy, try taking it up a notch. We'll give you a photo, you identify the dog's Group in the Medium level, and identify the dog's country of origin in the Hard level.

Of course, there's a Learn mode as well to walk you through the details for each dog.

Purchase the Dog Fancy app from iTunes for $0.99 to get started. Click here to get your app today.

Dog Fancy iPhone & iPad apps - order yours today!


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