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February 2009

Brush, brush. Snip, snip. Find out the best tips, tricks, and tools for primping your canine pal. From brushing to bathing, industry experts share their knowledge and advice, including when to do it yourself and when to outsource the job.

Polluted pets. We know plenty of things in our environment can make us sick, but just as many can affect your dog. We tell you how to help keep your dog safe from chemical contamination, cancer, and other toxic threats. 

The Westminster experience. Discover what really happens behind the scenes at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. We profile three owner-handlers who share their stories about the pressure and excitement of showing at the most prestigious dog show in the country.

Natural Dog returns. The second edition of our popular split publication will keep you up-to-date on the latest news from the natural care world. We’ll fill you in on all the latest trends from eating “wild” to reducing your dog’s carbon paw print, plus the best natural products for your dog.

Calm your canine. Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to treat anxiety and nerves naturally. Your dog can benefit from this ancient art, too. Discover holistic remedies and herbs that can tame the most panicky pup, and finally give you peace of mind. 

Fighting cancer naturally. A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming for you and your canine, but there are many natural treatments that can help heal your dog. Discover new, natural strategies to fight cancer, and learn what you can do to prevent it.   

Meet the companionable Collie, the active Miniature Pinscher, and the intuitive Irish Terrier.




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