Dog Fancy Table of Contents - January 2010

January 17, 2010




January 2010

28 | Caught on Camera*
Find out what your dog really does when he’s home alone. More >>
By Eve Adamson

32 | 40 Dog People You’ve Gotta Know*
These folks made their mark on the dog world. More >>
By Maureen Kochan

36 | The Big Hurt*
Having hip or elbow dysplasia doesn’t mean your dog can’t live comfortably. More >>
By Marcia King

44 | Bedlington Terrier
Meet the clever dog with a lamb-like face. More >>
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

46 | Your Best Mate
Looking for a super-active dog? The Australian Shepherd is for you. More >>
By Lisa Hanks

50 | Hail to the Pharaoh Hound
Beneath this timeless exterior lies a noble heart. More >>
By Heera Kang

*BONUS! | DogChannel Extras
Find more about these topics in DogChannel extras — articles, tools, and references that will build your dog-owner skills. More >>

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2 | Coming Next Month
Get a preview of our February issue. More >>

5 | Readers Bark Back
Your letters, pictures, and opinions.
Bark Back Now

8 | News Hound
Dog news and stories.

15 | Fun Dog
Cool stuff to do, places to go, and trends for you and your best friend.

18 | Practical Dog
Grooming and cleaning advice, DIY projects, and tips for everyday life.

22 | Healthy Dog
Learn what's new in veterinary medicine and natural remedies.

24 | Adopted Dog
Stories and advice on rescue and shelter dogs.

26 | Smart Dog
Training ideas and behavior help, plus readers' success stories.

88 | Share
Hear what others have to say about their dogs.

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