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August 2009

Camp for canines. Revisit the joy of summer camp — with your dog. We’ll show you dog-friendly camps across the country and let you in on all the details: what you can do, where you’ll stay, and how much it will cost. You and your dog will be happy campers indeed. 

Older-dog illness. It’s difficult to see your beloved dog age, especially if she develops common senior diseases. But the more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to help her. Learn about Cushing’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, and others, and get some tips on how to cope.

When working dogs retire. Working dogs like guide dogs and military dogs help us in many ways, but what happens to these wonderful animals when they can’t work anymore? We’ll show you what retirement is like for these amazing canines — minus the yogurt and shuffleboard. 

Summer escape. Canine Traveler heads to South Lake Tahoe, Calif., to show you what makes the place so popular.

Meet the spirited Miniature Schnauzer, the versatile
Chinook, and the friendly American Foxhound.

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