Coming Next Month

July 2008

The issues of adoption. When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you often bring home more than just a dog. Their frequently tumultuous lives can result in extra baggage. Behaviorist Kathy Santo teaches you how to solve the top five problems of shelter dogs.    

Add a kick to your trip.
Tired of the same old tourist destinations? Breathe a little fresh air into your holiday with an organized adventure vacation. We let you know what you're in for.

Don't sweat summer.
 Winter may be the season best known for discontent, but summer is most known for discomfort  particularly for our dogs. From the dangers of sunstroke to the toxicity of lawn treatments, health risks abound. Find out how to keep a cool head when the temperature rises.

Bonds of love. Explore the amazing canine-human relationship with our newest expert, psychologist Aubrey H. Fine.

Puppy fear periods. Dreads. Fears. Phobias. No matter what you call them, odds are your puppy has at least one. We explain the whens, whys, and how-you-deal-with-thems of puppy fear periods.  

Meet the powerful Bullmastiff, the dainty Papillon, and the ancient Ibizan Hound.


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