Can you tell these owners and dogs apart?

Our canine pals are our closest companions, and we share so much of life together that they truly become furry family. So it’s no surprise when owner and dog start to resemble each other. We asked you to send in pictures of you and your doggie doppelganger — and plenty of “twins” answered the call. Here are the most convincing clones and winners of DOG FANCY’S 2010 Look-Alike Contest.

1st place
(Poodle-Bichon Frise mix) and Kay S. of Florida

2nd place
Lady Ty II of Coronado (Maltese) and Mary N. of California

3rd place
(Eurasier) and Nicholas L. of Connecticut

Honorable mention
Dagan (Poodle) and Michael K. of New Jersey

Honorable mention
Archie (retriever mix) and Anthony A. of New Jersey

All winners will receive the DVD Marmaduke, courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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