Coming Next Month in DOG FANCY

June 2008

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado the list of potentially life-changing disasters goes on and on. You may not be able to predict what will strike and when, but you can at least prepare yourself. We'll show you how.   

Take a road break.
Although road trips can provide endless hours of entertainment and diversions world's largest insert-object-here and I Spy, anyone? there's only so much asphalt a person can take. Spice up your trips by leaving land behind. We explore houseboating – with your dog, of course – and tell you how to float your vacation worries away.

Doggie domain.
 To our canine pets, dog parks are the best thing since canned food. We think they're pretty great, too. So how did this Fido-friendly phenomenon come about? We'll tell you all you need to know, plus where the country's top 10 dog parks are located and why they're fantastic.

Euthanasia. For a euphemism, it's an ugly word. We explain what to expect when you decide to release an old friend from her pain.

Can you canoe? The emphasis on water continues, with a look at canoeing in Sports & Exercise. 

Aloha! Haute Dog gets into the swing of summer with a Hawaiian-focused selection of doggie products and clothing. 

Up and over. Take in the view with Canine Traveler as writer Shelly Loveland explores New York's stunning Shawangunk Mountains. 

Meet the docile Bulldog, the impressive Irish Wolfhound, and the water-loving Leonberger.


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Zig Zag   Batesville, AR

3/27/2008 8:35:16 AM

Yay! I'm the first comment! Anyways, the June issue looks great! But could you put advice on how to keep a dog home in the July issue? I really need the help. Thanks!

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