Can I See Some ID?

Discover your dog's breed origins with a DNA test.



If you have a mixed-breed dog, chances are you've asked yourself, what is he?   

Now a simple DNA test can reveal your mutt's breed composition, and explain what branch of the canine ancestral tree is responsible for his floppy ears, high-pitched howl, or incessant need to herd the cat.

For Liz Hawrylo of San Francisco, learning about her dog Haley's family tree was like uncovering buried treasure. "I feel like I understand her mentality more now," says Hawrylo, who says a DNA test pegged her shorthaired, white, 50-pound dog as part Samoyed, Pointer, and Schnauzer. "Pointers like to hunt, and Haley is obsessed with squirrels," Hawrylo says. "She's also a bit territorial and barks a lot and acts very alpha, just like a Schnauzer.

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