Natural Nourishment

Help keep your dog vibrant and healthy with natural dog food.


One of the most important health decisions you make for your dog is the choice of what he eats. By giving him whole, natural foods, you could very well be creating a path to increased wellness and longevity.

Likewise, an inappropriate food choice may set the stage for disease and a shorter life. Regardless of your dog's age, health, breed, weight, or genetic background, evaluate his diet to see whether it meets your personal health goals for him. 

Fortunately over the past 10 years, pet food companies have improved food quality in terms of better ingredients and manufacturing methods.

But the newer categories of raw foods, blended premixes, and others can lead to confusion when added to the products that offer claims of "all natural," "holistic," and "organic," especially when their packages show photographs of wholesome ingredients. 

How, then, do you evaluate your dog's current diet? Where do you start?

Want to read the full story? Check out Natural Dog in DOG FANCY’s August issue.


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