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November 9, 2007




November 2007

16 | Eight Habits of Highly Effective Dog Owners*
Are you envious of your neighbor's well-behaved dog or do you often wonder why other dogs are so much friendler with strangers than your own? We ask real-life dog owners for the training tips and tricks that work for them and their dogs. They're not experts, just people who have solved their own challenges.  More >>
By Maureen Kochan

22 | Dog Law*
With so much new dog-related legislation flooding the media and canine community, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date on each new law. Read on to learn more about four major issues affecting the nation, what all of that legal jargon really means, and how you and your dog may be affected.  More >>
By Maryann Mott

28 | Partners in Justice*
Most people already know the importance of police K9s and the crucial tasks that they perform on the force, but do you know what they do when they're off the job or at home with their handlers and the rest of the family? Take an inside look at the lives and special bond that two canine cops share with their handlers both on and off the beat.  More >>
By Denise Flaim

32 | On the Mend*
Broken bones can be scary, but knowing how to handle your dog's injuries properly  can mean the difference between a quick recovery and prolonged pain. Learn about the various types of fractures, treatment options, and healing processes involved.  More >>
By Marcia King

36 | 5 Steps to Find a Holiday Boarding Kennel
If you've started planning your next out-of-town trip for the upcoming holiday season, don't forget to include your dog in the planning process, too. Finding a boarding kennel that you trust and feel safe leaving your pooch at can be difficult. Follow these five tips to make your search a bit easier for you and your family.   More >>
By Beth Finke

62 Getting to the Point
The German Shorthaired Pointer's playful and persistent nature makes him an ideal family pet as well as a helpful hunting partner.  More >>
By Terry Winkelmann

66 | Rough & Ready
The courageous and charismatic Glen of Imaal Terrier makes a loving friend and hard-working companion.  More >>
By Vicki Shields

68 | Proud Artistocrat
With a sophisticated exterior and poised demeanor, the Afghan Hound will surprise you with his fun and delightful personality.  More >>
By Eve Adamson

*BONUS! | DogChannel Exclusives
Find more about these topics from in DogChannel exclusives — articles, tools, and references that will build your dog-owner skills. More >>

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Next Month
Get a preview of our December issue. 
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 | Readers
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10 | Newshound
Dog news, tips, and trends.

12 Canine Traveler
Columbia Gorge reflections
By Cherie Langlois

14 | Clean Dog Clean House
When to go pro: Do it yourself or head to the grooming shop?
By Eve Adamson

38 | Natural Dog
Healthy dog, healthy bladder: Natural therapies for urinary tract infections. 
By Denise Flaim

Help & Advice
By September Morn
Ask the Vet
By Karla S. Rugh, DVM

42 | CheckUp
Balancing glucose: With a little extra care, many diabetic dogs live long, happy lives. 
By Jennifer Williams, Ph.D.

44 | Best Behavior
Down with jumping: Teach your dog to greet with four feet on the floor.
By Cherie Langlois

 | Puppy Life
Puppy days: Just like children, pups go through key developmental stages.
By September Morn

52 Haute Dog
Luxury and lifestyle trends for the pampered pooch.
By Robin Whitsell

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