Coming Next Month in DOG FANCY

November 2007

Habits to hanker for.  We ask real-life dog owners for training tips and tricks that work for them and their dogs. They're not experts, just people who have solved their own challenges.

Laying down the law.
 Be informed about the state of dog-related legislation. We translate the legal jargon to tell you what's really going on and how these issues affect you and your dog.

Take breaks in stride.
 What happens when dogs break a bone? We explore a rarely discussed injury and give you advice on how to be prepared.

Canine cops. They carry neither guns nor handcuffs, but they are the most feared members of the police force at least by criminals. We take you inside the lives of police K9s and show you what it's like to work with these dedicated dogs.

Get in the game. Read about flyball, the team sport that has dogs jumping for joy literally.

When Down doesn't work. Having trouble keeping your dog from jumping up? We give you some alternative methods that will keep your pet on all fours. 

Meet the capable German Shorthaired Pointer, the elegant Afghan Hound, and the game Glen of Imaal Terrier.

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