Dog Fancy Table of Contents - September 2008

September 12, 2008




September 2008

30 | Welcome to DogTown USA*
We searched high and low to find this year's friendliest city for dogs. Read why Colorado Springs, Colo., takes dog-friendliness to new heights. More >>
By Maureen Kochan 

38 | Itchy & Scratchy*
Here's help for the skin problems most likely to pester your dog. More >>
By Marcia King 

44| The Well-Adjusted Dog
An exclusive excerpt from Dr. Nicholas Dodman's new book. More >> 

46 | Lights, Camera, Action!*
A day in the life of the man behind some of the most famous canine actors. More >>
By Denise Flaim

50 | Fall Fashion Finds*
Stay ahead of the pack with these cool autumn trends. More >>
By Eve Adamson 

66 | Pugalicious
Snorts and snuffles aside, the Pug is a great family dog. More >>
By Eve Adamson 

70 | A Fine Breed
The full-bodied Dogue de Bordeaux hits just the right balance of tough and sweet. More >>
By Susan McCullough

74 | Boykin Spaniel
Sweet and intelligent, the Boykin Spaniel makes a wonderful pet and hunting companion. More >>
By Cherie Langlois

*BONUS! | DogChannel Exclusives
Find more about these topics in DogChannel extras — articles, tools, and references that will build your dog-owner skills.  More >>

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10 | Readers Bark Back
Read letters now. 
More >>
Bark Back Now

12 | Newshound
Dog news, tips, and trends.

18 | Clean Dog Clean House
Advice from DOG FANCY's cleaning expert, plus household cleaning tips.

20 | Canine Traveler
Meet the canine locals in Kenya.
By Lorraine Chittock

24 | Natural Dog
Discover the power of flowers.
By Denise Flaim

26 | Best Behavior
Your behavior questions answered, and training help.

28 | CheckUp
Ask the Vet, plus other health news.

56 | Puppy & Senior
Puppy myths busted.
By Maryann Mott

57 | Home Life
The dog-less dog lover.
By Susan McCullough

134 | Coming Next Month
Get a preview of our October issue. 
More >>

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