Young at Heart

Check out the winners of our senior dog photo contest.

Like fine wine, our dogs get better with age. They’re always there with a happy smile, a more mellow temperament, and plenty of kisses — even if they’re not so quick on their feet anymore. In honor of super seniors everywhere, we bring you the five winners of our Young at Heart photo contest who prove that age is just a number.

 1st place winner

Chaos, 11, Chihuahua
Owner: Mandy Bienek, Conroe, Texas
“Chaos has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. He is a wonderful joy who brings a smile to everyone’s face. His favorite pastimes include sunbathing, as you can clearly see, and dog park visits.”

 2nd place winner

Ringo, 13, Australian Cattle Dog
Owner: Michelle Sherry, Medway, Ohio
“Teenagers are so inappropriate. My 13-year-old, Ringo, burps and farts. He yawns right in my face. Luckily, I’m parenting a dog — I hope a child wouldn’t walk away while I’m talking. Ringo lives in the moment, and I love his quirks. Lately, he’s been sleeping naked on my couch.”

 3rd place winner

Shiloh Harman, 10, Doberman Pinscher
Owner: Sheila Harman, Matthews, N.C.
“I got Shiloh in April of 2000 at 8 weeks old. What a wonderful, kind, and gentle dog he turned out to be. He may look vicious, but as the picture shows, that couldn’t be further from the truth. He has become such a big part of my home and life.”

 Honorable mention

Mabel, 13, Mixed Breed
Owner: Julie Brice, Chestertown, Md.
“In the house she is shy and quiet. But put a leash on her, and look out! She’ll have you panting in no time trying to keep up. She leaps through the air and grabs at branches, butterflies, and imaginary friends. It’s funny to watch since she is only 5 inches tall. By the end of the walk I’m smiling and singing a song I made up for her called ‘Mabel baby, what’s got you so happy today?’”

 Honorable mention

Scarlet, 12, Irish Setter
Owners: Gina Hemphill and Ray Atkinson, Tracy, Calif.
“This is Scarlet, who loved hunting, obedience, and being a family dog. Scarlet was raised with my son, and they grew up together. I have fond memories of her as a puppy in his crib, alongside him in a Little Tikes car, and growing up to be his best friend on a bicycle. This photo was taken by our friend Ki Welch. Though Scarlet passed away shortly after the photo was taken, her youthful memory lives on.”


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