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April 2007

Find the right puppy for you. Welcoming a new pup into your home involves a great deal of thought and preparation. We provide you with a rundown of things to consider, including what breed types will match your lifestyle based on their personalities, and exercise and grooming needs.

How to choose a breeder.
 With so many dog breeders out there, how can you be sure to make the best choice? Which ones offer strong, healthy pups? We guide prospective puppy owners in their search for a good breeder to start life with a new dog off right.

Food, toys, doctors, oh, my!
 A new puppy requires time, compassion, and of course, money. This basic analysis of how much the average puppy’s first year of food, supplies, and veterinary care will cost can help you plan your budget accordingly.

The nose knows. These dogs are sniffing around for more than just food. Discover working dogs who use their amazing scenting abilities to help people and other animals, from sniffing mold in homes to patrolling for endangered animal scat in the wild.

Meet the trustworthy Golden Retriever, the playful Havanese, and the adaptable Norwich Terrier.

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