Mutts Rule!
Announcing the winners of our 2nd Annual Mixed Magic Photo Contest.

Back in June, we asked for photos of Mixed Breed dogs — and did we ever get them. We received hundreds of submissions of adorable mutts. The origins of some mixes were obvious, some just plain cute, and some left us scratching our heads. We had a tough time narrowing the field down to these winners, who we believe best embody the true essence of Mutt.

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First Place

Breeds:  Chihuahua-Miniature Pinscher
Owner:  Tarah Bedrossian, Florida

Peanut found us in December 2005. We were driving down our street when out of nowhere, Peanut ran underneath our car. Luckily, she wasn't injured. Later, we discovered old injuries: a burn mark on her back and a healed broken tail. Peanut is the most lovable dog we have ever met. She sleeps with her chin on my neck and makes sounds when she yawns or hiccups. We are very grateful Peanut has joined our family.

Second Place
Breeds:  Terrier mix
Owner:  Zoé Wells, New Jersey

Fido means "loyal companion." He likes to follow me around, go on car rides and walks, and chase seagulls on the beach. He also likes to terrorize the cat — his only flaw. We rescued each other — Fido from a shelter in West Virginia and me from a broken heart after my Labrador Retriever died.

Third Place

Breeds:  German Shepherd-Welsh Corgi
Owner:  Susan Klingenberg, Maryland

Pitino came into my life when I moved into my house and wanted a "big" dog. I went to the humane society and found this 8-week-old puppy with some shepherd in him. What I didn't know was that he would never grow tall due to his Corgi genes. Even though he's not large in size, he has some serious "hops," and loves to play ball. His little legs, long tongue, and big voice are always a topic of conversation.

Honorable Mentions

Breeds:  Jack Russell Terrier-Australian Cattle Dog
Owners:  Jenni and Ron Morita, California

Six years ago, we rescued Mindy. The Chinese say, "A dog that comes on its own" is a lucky omen that sustenance, fortune, or wealth will arrive. We are very fortunate to have her in our life. She's our lucky angel.

Breeds:  Mix unknown
Owner:  Sherry Tucker, Kentucky

When we found Goodyear, she was all matted and brown from the dirt in her coat. She wouldn't let us near her. It took two months every day sitting on the ground before she let us pet her. During these early days with Goodyear, I was taking chemotherapy, but I worried more about her than I did myself. She was just God-sent!

Breeds:  Shepherd mix
Owner:  Joyce E. Schickling, Tennessee

Gus came into my life when he was 6 weeks old. He is brilliant and beautiful and gets attention everywhere we go. I have trained him as a service dog. His favorite toy is the flashlight. He is my life; truly my soul-mate dog.

Breeds:  Dalmatian-Labrador Retriever or Beagle
Owner:  Terri Gedek, Indiana

Crystal likes to play with my other dog and wants to go on walks, even though at age 16 her leg bothers her some. She came to me by way of my daughter who begged me to keep her. She was 5 weeks old then, but she's still my little sweetheart.

Posted:  August 15, 2006, 5 a.m. EST


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