Picture Perfect

Simple steps to shoot great photos of your dog.

By | Posted:  August 15, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

A Boxer watches a bee fly by … a dog peeks out from a mailbox … a Bulldog sits behind home plate. How can you capture such unforgettable images of your dog?

With patience, says Michael Nastasi, owner of Canisphoto in New York, and photographer of the dog portrait book, Never Bite When a Growl Will Do (Chronicle Books, 2006, $14.95). "Don't force it; let it happen," he says.

Margaret Bryant, owner of Bryant Dog Photography in Carrollton, Texas, agrees. "Patience is everything," she says. "Owners lose patience with their pets long before we do. Just relax and let your dog be a dog."

Go Natural
Bryant suggests taking photos of your dog during his everyday life — the way he plays in the backyard, for instance, or begs for treats. "Find out what it is about your dog that gives him personality and capture that," she says.

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