Best Dog Products of 2007

Presenting DOG FANCY editors’ picks for 2007's outstanding and innovative dog products.

Premium+ A-Frame Doghouse plus accessories

This solid, attractive doghouse is simple to assemble — only a few screws required. Made of solid fir wood with tongue-and-groove construction, the house has adjustable feet and a raised floor. The shingle roof is waterproof and weather resistant. Sold separately is the Premium+ A-Frame Patio, which provides an elevated resting spot outside the doghouse. The Premium+ A-Frame Hotdog insulation kit, also sold separately, fits neatly inside the floor, walls, and ceiling of the doghouse to protect your pet from extreme temperatures and provide a soft, padded interior.

  • Doghouse: $149.99 (small), $189.99 (medium), $249.99 (large), $289.99 (x-large); from WARE Manufacturing Inc.; 602-257-8803;
  • Patio: $39.99 (small), $42.99 (medium), $44.99 (large), $46.99 (x-large)
  • Insulation kit: $79.99 (small), $109.99 (medium), $129.99 (large), $159.99 (x-large)

Toy Cleaning Brush

Kongs and other treat-filled toys can provide hours of entertainment for dogs, but getting them clean is a different story. Enter Bamboo’s Toy Cleaning Brush — a two-in-one tool designed to get into the crevices of those peanut-butter and cheese-caked toys. The brush, available in two sizes, has durable red bristles for the big jobs, and a tiny removable brush hidden in the handle for the detail work. When you’re done, stick the brush upright on its suction-cup base to air-dry.

  • $7.99, from Bamboo; 877-224-7387;

Feed+Toss Disposable Bowl System

If you hate scrubbing dog dishes, this product’s for you. Disposable plastic liners snap securely into a nonskid bowl base made of heavyweight plastic. When your dog’s done eating, toss the liner — no scrubbing required. The No. 3 recyclable plastic liners are suitable for serving both food and water, and feature measurement markings for portion control, along with a convenient handle for easy removal. Available in 12- and 30-ounce bowl sizes and three bright colors, the bases come with two liners.

  • $5.99 (12-ounce bowl), $7.99 (30-ounce bowl), $3.99 (12-pack of liners); from Bamboo; 877-224-7387;

Dolce Vita DuoTemp Pet Bed

With the flick of a switch, this high-tech bed can cool down or warm up your resting dog. The supportive foam bed features a patented air channel design that allows cool air or gentle therapeutic heat to flow evenly throughout the bed. A quiet motor and low-voltage electrical system regulate the bed’s temperature for comfort and safety. In heating mode, the bed reaches the target temperature in less than 10 minutes and in cooling mode, in less than 30 minutes. The removable, stain-resistant, café mocha and tan microsuede cover is machine washable.

  • $249.99 (medium), from Dolce Vita Pets; 866-251-9865;

Endura Flap Pet Door

This door’s flexible yet durable flap has a strong magnetic seal that stays closed in temperature extremes and in windy conditions. Unlike nylon, which can become stiff and brittle in freezing temperatures, the Endura Flap is made of a special polymer, designed to remain flexible to 40 below zero. A double-flap option keeps heat in under more extreme climate conditions. The insulated flap swings on a stainless steel rod, eliminating the wear caused by flexing. Its taller, less-square dimensions allow lower mounting, so your dog doesn’t have to step as high to get in and out.

  • Self-framing door mounts: $149 to $249 (single flap), $259 to $399 (double flap); from Patio Pacific Inc.; 800-826-2871;

Dogswell Veggie Life Treats

These natural chewy treats look good enough for human consumption, with whole, dried sweet potato slices, as well as dried apple, carrot, and banana. Some are wrapped with all-natural chicken breast. Veggie Life treats come in Happy Hips and Vitality varieties. The Happy Hips chews include glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, while the Vitality treats are fortified with flaxseed and vitamins A and E for healthy eyes, skin, and coat. These simple, natural treats are also low-fat and gluten-free. Sweet Potato Chews are available in 5-ounce and 15-ounce resealable bags. Other flavors available in 5-ounce bags.

  • $4.49 to $7.49 for 5-ounce bag, $12.99 for 15-ounce Sweet Potato Chews; from Dogswell; 888-559-8833;

Drinkwell Hydro-Go

Keep your dog hydrated on the go with this multipurpose pet canteen. The fold-out bowl joins with the canteen spout to form a funnel. Fill the bowl with water, then return whatever Daisy doesn’t drink back into the canteen. The bowl also detaches, allowing the concave canteen base to become a second bowl. The dishwasher-safe canteen holds 36 ounces of water, and its spout is wide enough to allow ice cubes inside.

  • $19.99, from Veterinary Ventures Inc.; 866-522-2530;

Safety Walker Lighted Leash Handle

This leash handle has nifty built-in features for your safety and convenience on those evening strolls with Max. The handle includes a bright LED flashlight on the front, flashing colored safety lights along the side, and an alarm button that sounds a loud siren when pushed. For dogs up to 50 pounds. Requires three AAA batteries, not included.

  • $9.98, from Aspen Pet Products Inc.; 303-375-1001;

Jeep Urban Sling

For pint-sized pooches up to 10 pounds, this stylish carrier is a perfect fit. Officially licensed by Jeep, the polyester canvas bag sports an over-the-shoulder strap, along with an around-the-waist buckle. Black mesh windows on the side and front allow your pup to see out and ride in comfort atop a plushy bottom liner. A built-in strap attaches to your dog’s collar for added security, and an external pocket stows your cell phone.

  • $39.99, from Pet Voyage, Division of Vo-Toys; 973-484-0088;

Everlasting Fire Plug

The Fire Plug is a durable interactive toy made from a tear-resistant and dishwasher-safe material. It can be filled with treats or food, or used with the Everlasting Treat or Everlocking Treat for a real challenge. The unique design allows the Fire Plug to roll erratically, enticing your dog to play. Comes with one Everlasting Treat.

  • $12.99 (small), $19.99 (medium), $24.99 (large); from Triple Crown Dog Academy Inc.; 512-759-2275;

Pet Top Portable Drinking Device

Sometimes the simpler, the better. This patented bottle-top device fits on most standard water bottles so you can encourage your dog to drink water anywhere you go. The concept is similar to small-animal waterers that only release water when the ball bearing inside is touched. Screw the cap on your bottle, then turn the upper cap counterclockwise to open, allowing water out. Adjust the flow to the amount that’s right for your pet. Turn the bottle upside down and allow your dog to lick the ball — no need to squeeze the bottle. Turn the upper cap clockwise to seal the bottle when done.

  • $5.99 to $9.99, from Pet Top Products LLC; 866-473-8867;

QuickFinder Clipper

Sensor technology in the QuickFinder Clipper makes it easy to clip your dog’s nails without making him wince or bleed. QuickSensor technology detects the vein, or quick, inside your dog’s nail, telling you how far up to clip the nail. A green light means it’s safe to clip, a yellow light indicates caution, and a red light means “stop right there.” Two AAA batteries included. Available in small and medium.

  • $29.99, from MiracleCorp Products; 800-635-2044;

Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone

This three-in-one toy is a bouncy rubber ball with an embedded, durable nylon bone, plus chewy Gnawhide Ring treats. The nylon bone goes through the center of the ball and can be unscrewed to refresh the Gnawhides. The Busy Buddy comes with four replacement Gnawhide Rings, and is available in four sizes: small, medium, medium/large, and large. Additional replacement rings for each size sold separately.

  • $3.99 to $19.99, from Premier Pet Products LLC; 888-640-8840;

Mini Nesting Mat

Designed for small dogs who like to burrow and nest in covers, this product combines a bed and a blanket in a colorful, cuddly design. A padded cotton and fleece base is surrounded by cozy fleece flaps in different sizes, stitched into place to encourage better nesting. The machine-washable mat provides a comforting resting spot, whether at home or on the road.

  • $19.99 to $24.99, from Petstages Inc.; 847-504-4010;


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User Avatar

Mike   Los Angeles, California

4/29/2015 9:52:16 AM

The Endura Flap is probably the best pet door on the market today, as I have experience having 7 different pet doors at this point. I would highly recommend it! I couldn't find it on, but they do have a manufacturer's site,

User Avatar

Ellen   Stone Mountain, GA

8/10/2008 10:58:00 AM

We love the Safety Walker Lighted Leash Handle. It provides a bright LED beam of light for night walks. Usually I focus the light on the dog providing drivers the opportunity to notice our pup. Most of them slow down immediately, which we appreciate. Thankfully, I have not had occasion to use the emergency flasher or the alarm, but I am happy to have them available. My only complaint is the battery housing. We dropped it and one of the springs dislodged, rendering it inoperable. Maybe 2 AA batteries stacked on top of each other instead of the 3 AAAs currently in use. All in all, a very useful and safety driven product.

User Avatar

Bev Jenks   Fairview, PA

5/30/2008 6:32:26 AM

Have gotten the Premier Bouncy Bone at my vets and my dogs love it. It does take them some time
get the treats off so keeps them busy. Very durable ...even for labs! I would recommend this toy !

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