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Dillon, a 5-month-old Labrador Retriever, was enjoying an exciting day at the beach. When his owner, Diane Seidel of Huntington Beach, Calif., called, he galloped back to get a treat. Because he was responding so well, she dropped the long line she was using to keep him with her. Suddenly, something caught his attention and he was off before she could get the line. He came to an abrupt stop, giving a stranger an exuberant greeting. Apologizing profusely, I collared Dillon, says Seidel, a trainer with Good Dog University. Since he associates bags with food, it dawned on me that the plastic bag in the strangers hand triggered his mad dash down the beach.

Now Seidel proactively controls Dillons environment to prevent unwanted behaviors like this from happening. At the beach I watch for birds, bags, low-flying planes, and helicopters because I know these are triggers for Dillon.

Managing your puppys environment and the things he has access to can make life a little easier for you both.

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