How We Met

Zada Michelle - Pekingese/Shih Tzu Mix
My Dog's Name:
Zada Michelle
Pekingese/Shih Tzu Mix
Together Since:
June 5, 2009
How I met my adopted dog:
Zada Michelle was left on my mother's doorstep after being hit by a car; her hips were broken, she was severly malnourished, the pads of her paws were open, running sores, and she was covered in fleas. Already having 2 dogs and 1 cat in our house, I wasn't sure if my husband would allow me thru the door with another animal, especially a sick one, but he took one look at her and said, "call the vet." Now, she is now up running with our other 2 dogs, fleas are gone, she eats well, and she's been spayed and had a hernia repaired. She must have come from an abusive situation because she would cower in fear when anyone approached her. She is overcoming those issues, although she still doesn't like strangers and will hide when we have company. She has added a lot of love to our family and she is one of us now. We're very lucky to have her!!

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Debbie   Raleigh, NC

10/26/2011 1:32:53 PM

Such a beautiful dog. You are so fortunate to have found Angel...and she is truly that-an Angel. Best wishes to the both of you

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AJ   Windsor, CT

10/6/2011 8:40:51 PM

She certainly is an angel. I find when we rescue an animal they are so thankful they give us back tenfold all the love we give to them. Animals are Gods angels,and I pray all humans will make themselves worthy of the love they so freely share. May you and Angel have many more beautiful years together.

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Dana   Supply, NC

9/27/2011 7:15:03 AM

Wow!What an amazing dog!You 2 seemed perfectly matched. May you have many more years together.

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CJ   Palm Beach Gardens, FL

2/28/2011 6:31:25 PM

Great ending for you and Sophie.

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