Dog Fancy Table of Contents - September 2005

September 2, 2005




DOG FANCY - September 2005

September 2005

20 | Successful small-space living
With planning and commitment, small-space living can work.
by maryann mott

26 | DF 35
What dog lovers should know about grooming.
by kathy salzberg

32 | After paralysis
Your paralyzed dog can live - well.
by katie costello

38 | Bowled over
How do you choose? We help you.
by jennifer quasha

40 | Big dog on campus
Some campuses open their doors to students’ pets.
by jane musgrave

46 | Pug: Royal Toy
The curious, adaptable Pug leapt from the throne to the family room.
by denise flaim

52 | Samoyed: Smiling Sammie
A cheerful worker, the Samoyed needs to snuggle, too.
by eve adamson

56 | Tibetan Spaniel: Born to love
Intelligent and happy, the Tibetan Spaniel craves one-on-one time with his owner.
by terry winkelmann

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6  | Letters to the Editor

8  | Gallery


9  | TV goes to the dogs.
by sandy robins

12  | Law and Order: Where can you legally bury your dog?
by gregory m. dennis

Everyday Dog

14  | Conquer problem chewing.
by cherie langlois

15  | Good Puppy: Teach your puppy to take food gently
by september morn

16  | Best Behavior: Beyond basics
by pat miller

18  | Ask DOG FANCY: Your canine questions answered
by september morn

19  | Happy Endings: On the right track
by jennifer quasha


58  | How to find a vet
by marcia king

60  | Ask the Vet: Your medical questions answered
by Leslie Sinclair, DVM

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