Dog Fancy Table of Contents - February 2006

February 10, 2006




DOG FANCY - February 2006

February 2006

23 | Doggie Day Spa
Explore the latest trend in pooch pampering. From pedicures to massages, daycare to indoor parks, these new doggie day spas offer that extra care your dog deserves.
by Sally Deneen

26 | The Secret Lives of Show Dogs
A real-life look at Westminster contenders. Discover all the quirks and mischief behind these seemingly perfect pups.
by Nikki Moustaki

32 | Fix Her Now: More Than Puppy Prevention
Everything you need to know about spaying and neutering to keep your dog healthy, and to avoid contributing to over-population problem.
by Karla Rugh, DVM, Ph.D.

36 | Open Wide!
An inside look at extractions, root canals, and transplants, and what to expect if your dog needs any of these serious dental procedures.
by Marcia King

40 | Bearded Collie: Bouncing Beardies
The exuberant Bearded Collie excels at sports such as agility, herding, and rally obedience. And although Beardies love to play, they always find time to cuddle with their owners.
by Terry Winkelmann

44 | Basenji: Quick and Clever
The intelligent and independent Basenji makes a good companion for an owner with patience and a sense of humor, who will enjoy the breed’s high-energy and strong will.
by Denise Flaim

46 | Rottweiler: Rock-Solid Friend
With proper training and a responsible and dedicated owner, the Rottweiler can be an affectionate and intuitive family companion.
by Eve Adamson

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5  | BarkBack >> letters to the editor and photos from our readers.

8   | Newshound >> pet related news briefs, including a profile of a successful rescue.
by Maryann Mott

10  | Puppy Life >> Start Young: Teach your puppy to like having his coat brushed.
by September Morn

14   | Natural Dog >> Kidney Failure and Restoration: Powerful essential oils help heal ailing hunting dog.
by Denise Flaim

16  | Canine Traveler >> Beyond the City: Take in the beauty of Bainbridge Island – just a short ferry ride from Seattle.
by Joanna Downey

18  | Best Behavior >> Training Without Words: With patience and commitment, training a deaf dog is possible.
by Rose Boccio

20  | Clean Dog Clean House >> Washing and drying wet leashes and toys during the winter season.
by Sally Deneen

52  | Help & Advice >> Your training and healthcare questions answered.
by September B. Morn & Leslie Sinclair, DVM

54  | Checkup >> No Tears: Dry eyes require lifelong care.
by Holly Ocasio Rizzo

59  | Haute Dog >> Luxury Unleashed: Collar me beautiful.
by Charlotte Reed

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