Dog Fancy Table of Contents - May 2006

May 1, 2006




DOG FANCY - May 2006

May 2006

27 | Let’s Play! Motivate your dog to learn with creative fun and games
Make the most of your time with Max by using playtime to bond, exercise, build communication skills, and create alternative training methods.
by Susan McCullough

30 | What’s hot in the toy box: High-tech, high-end toys redefine playtime
From interactive treat-dispensing toys, to popular and designer brand licensing, the pet toy market is booming with innovative products that go far beyond tennis balls and squeakies.
by Cathy M. Rosenthal

32 | Beyond the bite: More than discomfort, fleas and other bugs can cause serious illnesses
Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can act as transmitters for a host of diseases — some can even be fatal. Read about the causes, symptoms, and treatments, as well as key prevention tactics.
by Karla S. Rugh, DVM

36 | Top dog: Bull Terrier Wins Westminster
Did you miss it? Read an overview of the 130th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the event’s big winners.
by Eve Adamson

38 | Standing up for dogs: Show Dogs of the Year Awards honor pet industry professionals
This year’s award recipients demonstrated exceptional dedication to their profession by aiding in disaster relief efforts.
by Kathryn M. Schulz

40 | Plott: On the right track
Bred exclusively to hunt, the Plott hound is seldom kept as a family pet. However, with proper exercise, he can be a loyal and affectionate addition to the family.
by Vicki Shields

42 | Belgian Malinois: Working overtime
This intense and focused dog lives to work, and does best with an active owner who commits to training and isn’t afraid to be the boss.
by Terry Winkelmann

46 | Italian Greyhound: Delicate devotion
Lickers, lovers, and pursuers of warmth, Italian Greyhounds have a well-deserved reputation for sticking – quite literally – to their owners’ sides.
by Eve Adamson

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8  | BarkBack >> letters to the editor and photos from our readers.

10  | Newshound >> pet related news briefs.

14  | Puppy Life >> It’s a date! Help socialize your puppy by hosting regular play dates with other dogs.
by September Morn

16  | Natural Dog >> The calming touch. Chiropractic healing technique allows disturbed Dachshund to release anxiety.
by Denise Flaim

20  | Canine Traveler >> The great escape. Leave behind the daily grind and soak up the sun in Santa Barbara, Calif.
by JoAnna Downey

22  | Best Behavior >> Peace and quiet. Recognize the triggers to control problem barking.
by Beverly Hebert

24   | Clean Dog Clean House >> Every little bit counts. You don’t have to groom your dog all at once.
by Diana Mohler

52  | Checkup >> Healthy travels. Add a canine checkup to your pre-vacation to-do list.
by Marcia King

54  | Help & Advice >> Ask DOG FANCY and Ask the Vet
by September B. Morn; Leslie Sinclair, DVM

59  | Haute Dog >> Luxury Unleashed: Rockin' Canine Couture
by Charlotte Reed

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