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August 8, 2006




DOG FANCY - August 2006

August 2006
27 | Fitness for two
Including your dog in your exercise routine can mean greater weight loss success for both of you.
by Kathleen M. Reilly

30 | Oldies but goodies
Announcing the winners of our Golden Years Photo Contest. Each and every senior dog deserves an award for his steadfast companionship and longtime loyalty. We sorted through hundreds of heart-warming entries and finally chose these 6.

32 | In Good Health
Understanding common medical issues can make life easier for you and your senior dog. We walk you through determining whether your dog has entered his senior years and what to expect as he ages.

36 | Senior matchups
Older dogs can be the perfect match for older people. Senior dogs don't require extensive exercise, are generally calmer, have already been trained, and know how to fit into a family. Like senior humans, senior dogs want to relax and take time to savor the pleasures of life.    More >> 
by Teri Goodman

40 | Remembering our pets
Losing a pet is always difficult. These products help dog lovers memorialize their beloved companions.   

42 | Under the big sky
Summer is here and there's no better time for a camping trip. Grab you tent and your dog, and head for the great outdoors. Our tips will help make camping with your dog safe and enjoyable.
by Lisa Densmore

46 | In a class of his own: Miniature Schnauzer
The devoted Miniature Schnauzer is not quite a terrier, but still has plenty of spunk. This family dog wants to be with you constantly, and an intense desire to please his owner makes the Mini easy to train. However, the Mini's terrier streak requires owners to establish rules and stick to them.
by Terry Winkelmann

53 | Watching over you: Lhasa Apso
The Lhasa Apso is a fine-tuned guardian disguised as a lap dog. The independent and intelligent Lhasa needs to be your companion, not an ornament. Although he demands a challenge and space of his own, at the end of the day, he's a constant source of entertainment.   
by Eve Adamson

56 | Family comes first: South African Boerbel
His strong will and affectionate nature make the South African Boerbel a loyal protector; Because of the breed's working roots, Boerbels can display dominant behaviors if not properly socialized. However, with adequate training the Boerbel will be a sensitive and loving addition to the family.    
by Vicki Shields

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8 | BarkBack
Letters to the editor and photos from our readers.

10 | Newshound
Pet related news briefs.

14 Puppy Life
Let there be light. Turning a tap-light on and off is a "job" for your pup that's both fun and useful.

by September Morn

16 Canine Traveler
A New York state of mind. The Big Apple offers urban-style entertainment for you and your dog.

by Joanna Downey

18 Natural Dog
Bundled for the storm. Calming body wrap helps Border Collie cope with extreme thunderstorm anxiety.

by Denise Flaim

22 | Clean dog clean house
Bugs be gone. Follow these simple tips for a pest-free home and yard.

by Sally Deneen

58 | Best Behavior
Stop thief! Use these tips to prevent and stop stealing behaviors.

by Pat Miller

60 | Help & Advice
Ask DOG FANCY and Ask the Vet.

by September B. Morn; Karla Rugh, DVM, Ph.D.

62 | Checkup
Thyroid woes. Hypothyroidism could be to blame for your dog's sluggish behavior and skin problems.

by Marcia King

67 | Haute Dog
Luxury Unleashed: Haute dog in the city.

by Nikki Moustaki

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