Dog Fancy Table of Contents - September 2006

September 11, 2006




DOG FANCY - September 2006

September 2006
24 | A compassionate life
Are you interested in shelter work? Follow a Washington, D.C., Humane Society adoptions director through the joys and sorrows of an average workday. More >>
by Susan McCullough

28 | Decoding dog food
Labels can be confusing. Discover how to make sense of label information, understand common ingredients, and explore nutrient values to give your dog what he needs. More >>
by Denise Flaim

32 | Chow time
If your dog's diet needs to be updated, check out the latest dog foods to hit the market.

33 | The complete diet
With an overwhelming number of canine supplements appearing, it's hard to decide what your dog needs. We help you determine whether your dog can benefit from supplements.  More >>
by Kyra Kirkwood

36 | Keeping America safe
Canine teams are the latest addition to the Department of Homeland Security. Read about how explosive detection dogs help tighten security in our nation's airports and transit systems. More >>
by Cathy M. Rosenthal   

40 | Scottish pride
The rugged Scottish Terrier boasts a big personality and a small, sturdy body. The Scottie's independent attitude and selective affection make them appealing to many people, including a few U.S. presidents. More >>
by Terry Winkelmann

44 | Little lion dog
Affectionate, inquisitive, and sweet-natured, the Lowchen has a playful spirit and a gentle demeanor. More >>
by Vicki Shields

46 | Awesome Aussies
Smart and protective, active and independent, the Australian Shepherd can be a challenging pet, but also an incredibly rewarding companion for the right family. More >>   
by Eve Adamson

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8 | BarkBack
Your letters, pictures, and opinions.

10 | Newshound
Dog news, tips, and trends.

14 Puppy Life
No more digging!

by September Morn

16 Canine Traveler
Rocky Mountain getaway. With both picturesque hiking trails and shimmering beaches, Colorado is a must-visit state for dog lovers.

by Joanna Downey

18 Natural Dog
Healing energy. Reiki helps dog deemed unadoptable find her forever home.

by Denise Flaim

22 | Clean dog clean house
End nail clipping battles. A nail grinder offers a gentle alternative for anxious dogs.

by Diana Mohler

50 | Best Behavior
The empty house. Help your dog beat the back-to-school blues after the summer fun is over.

by Rose Boccio

54 | Help & Advice
Ask DOG FANCY and Ask the Vet.

by September B. Morn; Karla Rugh, DVM, Ph.D.

62 | Checkup
Thyroid woes. Hypothyroidism could be to blame for your dog's sluggish behavior and skin problems.

by Marcia King

67 | Haute Dog
Luxury Unleashed: All paws on deck.

by Nikki Moustaki

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