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October 26, 2006




DOG FANCY - October 2006

October 2006
28 | A Welcome to
DogTown USA

The City of Roses tops the list of this year's dog-friendliest towns. In DOG FANCY's second annual DogTown USA contest, we researched, ranked, and rated cities across the nation to discover the best of the best. Read about Portland, Ore., plus our six runners-up.  More >>
by Kyra Kirkwood

36 | Mutts Rule!
After sorting through hundreds of reader entries, we are ready to announce the winners of our second annual Mixed Magic
Photo Contest.  More >>

 | Living With Diabetes
Diabetes is not a death sentence for dogs. With proper and consistent care, your diabetic dog can continue to live a normal and
happy life.  More >> 
by Denise Flaim

42 | Picture Perfect
Canine photographers reveal their secrets and share expert tips for capturing your dog behind the lens. Follow these simple steps to get great photos of your dog.  More >>
by Marguerite Marsh and Karen Edwards

44 | Turkish Treasure
The independent and instinctive Akbash Dog requires a strong leader and a flock to guard.  More >>
by Vicki Shields  

46 | A Total Package
Loving, loyal, and energetic, the Boxer's patience and sweet nature make him a devoted family companion, as well as a brave and faithful
protector.  More >>
by Terry Winkelmann

52 | Always an Adventure
Affectionate and enthusiastic, the always-curious Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier can be a fun and endearing addition to a family who is willing to spend time with him.  More >>
by Eve Adamson

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8 | Bark Back

10 | Newshound

18 | Natural Dog
The essence of healing: Flower remedies help Poodle handle grief over loss of canine pal.
by Denise Flaim

20 | Puppy Life
Teach your pup to close the door.
by September Morn

22 | Canine Traveler
Feel the love in Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love holds a special place in its heart for dogs, too.
by JoAnna Downey

24 | Clean Dog Clean House
Form meets function: Discover practical - and attractive - wall and window coverings for the canine household.
by Sally Deneen

26 | Best Behavior
Come back! 5 common mistakes that sabotage recall training.
by Linda Colflesh

56 | Help & Advice
Ask the Vet
By September Morn and Karla Rugh, DVM, Ph.D.

58 | Checkup
Be a pooper-snooper: Changes in your dog's waste may indicate a health problem.
by Maria Pecoraro

63 | Haute Dog
Luxury Unleashed: Mutts and martinis.
by Nikki Moustaki

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