Dog Fancy Table of Contents - November 2006

November 20, 2006




DOG FANCY - November 2006

November 2006
24 | Meet the Dog Whisperer
Cesar Millan leads the pack with old-school methods. Read about his approach to training and what he’s doing to stir up owners and critics alike in the dog community.   More >>
By Denise Flaim

30 | The refined canine
It’s not too late to teach your dog holiday manners. Follow these training tips to keep your dog on his best behavior this holiday season.   More >>
By Kathleen M. Reilly

34 | Merry Mishaps
Don’t let unexpected accidents ruin your holidays. Avoid encountering unpleasant surprises by being aware of the hazards that may be lurking in your home.   More >>
By Sally Deneen

38 | No fighting, just fun
Read about how weight-pull programs provide a ‘macho’ alternative to dogfighting, and give urban communities positive interactions with their dogs.   More >>
By Jean M. Fogle

40 | Outfoxed!
Energetic and curious, the adorable Smooth Fox Terrier will charm his way into your heart with his wily ways.   More >>
By Eve Adamson

44 | Proud and pretty
More than just flashy looks, the Standard Poodle’s active and affectionate nature make him a delightful family addition.   More >>
By Terry Winkelmann

50 | Hunting for love
Active, intelligent, and instinctive, the Gordon Setter is a loyal hunting companion and a devoted family pet.   More >>
By Vicki Shields

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| Readers Bark Back
Our reader letters.  More >>

10 | Newshound

14 | Canine Traveler
Lake Huron retreat: Go back in time on dog-friendly Mackinac Island.  
By JoAnna Downey

16 | Best Behavior
Winter games: Dealing with winter weather and a dog driven wild by boredom? Here’s how to cope.  
By Cherie Langlois

18 | Natural Dog
Corrosive cure: Black salve attacks terrier’s oral cancer.  
By Denise Flaim

20 | Puppy Life
Return the toy, plus more puppy fun.  
By September Morn

22 | Clean Dog Clean House
Cold weather care: Winter grooming keeps your dog’s coat in shape.  
By Diana Mohler

58 | Checkup
Cardiac crisis: Though serious, congestive heart failure can often be managed.  
By Marcia King

60 | Help & Advice
By September Morn
Ask the Vet   
Karla Rugh, DVM, Ph.D.

66 | Haute Dog
Haute Hollywood Hound  
By Nikki Moustaki

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