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December 19, 2006




December 2006 Dog Fancy cover

December 2006
26 | A day in the life: Pet Detective
Follow Karin Goin on a typical day of work as she sniffs out clues in search of missing pets.   More >>
By Denise Flaim

32 | Editors' Choice 2006
If you've been hunting for unique and innovative products for your pet, your search ends here – check out our editors’ picks for the best dog products of the year.   More >>

34 | Good dog, bad hips: Hip dysplasia treatment
Read how this common problem is diagnosed and treated. Also, find out what's being done to prevent it from occurring in future canine generations.   More >>
By Marcia King

38 | Who’s the fairest of them all?
After receiving, sorting, and tabulating hundreds of entries, we’re ready to reveal the winners of our Best Groomed Dog Photo Contest, plus a couple Honorable Mentions that we couldn’t bear to leave out.   More >>

40 | It’s a living
These aren’t just everyday pets. Meet three dogs who earn their chow with unusual jobs.   More >>
By Jennifer Quasha

44 | A royal presence
With a preference for close human contact, pampering, and affection, the elegant Japanese Chin makes an ideal household pet.   More >>
By Patricia Kime

46 | Lowdown love
The Basset Hound’s mellow personality makes him a friendly companion to both people and other pets.   More >>
By Eve Adamson

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8 | Readers Bark Back

12 | Newshound

18 | Natural Dog
Going holistic: Avoid these pitfalls on your journey toward natural dog care.  
By Denise Flaim

20 | Canine Traveler
Winter wonderlands: Mountain resort towns welcome snow-loving dogs to play.  
By JoAnna Downey

22 | Clean Dog Clean House
The word on wood: Expert tips help you protect your beautiful floors from doggie wear.  
By Sally Deneen

24 | Puppy Life
Go to your bed, plus more puppy fun.  
By September Morn

68 | Best Behavior
Train the clicker away: Why the click makes training stick.  
By Chris Cox-Evick

70 | Checkup
At the heart of it: Heartworm can be fatal, but it’s also one of the most preventable canine diseases.  
By Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

72 | Help & Advice
By September Morn
Ask the Vet
By Karla S. Rugh, DVM  

78 | Haute Dog
Luxury Unleashed: Gifts for the Pampered Pooch  
By Nikki Moustaki

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