Legislation and the Dog Community Part One: Animal "Rights" Versus Animal "Welfare"


How did groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States gain control over how society believes it should interact with animals?  How do they maintain this power in each new debate?

The language our society uses to discuss the human-animal connection starts at a source and spreads outward, influencing the beliefs and actions of all who come in contact with the language, including our views of pet ownership, our support of or objections to legislation that affects dog ownership, and how we react to animals used in research.

For 20 years what is known as the “animal rights movement” has controlled this message stream. Its positions have become intrinsic, one and the same with how much of society views the human-animal connection. With that level of control the so-called animal rights groups have been able to manipulate sympathies, motivating people to act in particular ways.

Can the message of these animal rights extremists be reduced through message warfare? Or are there more subtle ways to change the landscape?

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