Dogs In Review 2010 Annual Table of Contents

January 2, 2010




Dogs in Review 2010 Annual

2010 Annual

22 | Breaking News:
Winners at 2009

54 | OFA Grant
Sponsors Attendance
by Eddie Dziuk

60 | In Memorium:
Bravo Draper!
by Betty-Anne Stenmark
and Andrew DePrisco
62 | In Memorium:
Sue Ann LeMieux
by Allan Reznik

62 | In Memorium:
Marcia Foy
by Alan Alford

113 | A Week in China:
Global Canine
Welfare Forum and
First National
Dog Show
by Bo Bengtson

120 | Legislation and
the Dog Community
Part One:
Animal "Rights”
Versus Animal "Welfare”
by Matthew Schenker

124 | 5 Minutes
International With…
Zena Thorn-Andrews,
Great Britain,
and C.V. Sudarsan, India

128 | 5 Minutes With…
Mary Anne Brocious,
Joe Walton, Bob Sharp,
Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin,
Dr. James Sillers,
Anne Savory Bolus,
David Bolus, Daniel Fleitas,
Carol Spritzer and Ann D. Hearn

142 | Progress:
Evolution or Excess?
by Marcia R. Schlehr

152 | A Different Kind
of Dog Show: The
North American Sieger
by Bo Bengtson

160 | National Beagle Club
of America 1914

162 | The 2010 Annual
Professional Handler Index

183 | DR Questionnaire
for Professional Handlers

225 | The AKC Canine Health
& Welfare Advisory Panel:
A Welcome Asset
by Christi McDonald

242 | Diary: A Trip to
The World Show 2009 
by Dawne Deeley

286 | Word Search: Find It
In the Dogs in Review 2010 Annual

287 | Quiz: How Well Do You
Know AKC Rules,
Policies and Guidelines?
by Nikki Riggsbee

288 | Celebrated Dachshund
Bronze Joins the AKC Museum
by Allan Reznik

299 | Dogs in Review
Talks to Genji Ozeki 
by Bo Bengtson

323 | The Baker Institute
for Animal Health at
Cornell University
by Amy Fernandez

333 | Golden Retrievers
Around the World 
by Jeffrey G. Pepper

338 | Lima Kennel Club Pictorial
by Kerrin Winter-Churchill

340 | Chenango Valley KC
by Dan Sayers

342 | The 2009 Siberian
Husky National 
by Sandy Weaver Carman

345 | Wine Country Kennel Club
Dog Show 
by Kim Russell

346 | The Dachshund Club of
America National Specialty
by Pat Leone and Jean Dieden

350 | The 2009 English Springer
National Specialty and Senior
Handling Competition
by Beth Fink

352 | French Bulldog Club
of America National Specialty
by Jan Grebe

357 | The German Shepherd
Dog Club of America
National Specialty
by Evan Ginsburg

361 | Great Dane Club of America
National Specialty
by Nikki Riggsbee

363 | Hounds Descend on Ohio:
The American Bloodhound Club 2009
National Specialty
by Camile McArdle, DVM

380 | 50 Years Around the World,
Part 1
by Bo Bengtson


Dogs in Review November 2009 Dogs in Review January 2010
November 2009 January 2010


10 | Contributors
14 | Editor’s Page
by Christi McDonald 
26 | Bo Bengtson
At Large: ’Tis
The Season
To Be Jolly!

32 | Success in
Show Dogs: The
7th Annual
“What I Should
Have Said” Review
by Richard (“Rick”)
G. Beauchamp

48 | The Top Contenders
for the 2009 Show
Show Dogs of the
Year Awards

68 | The British
Group Report Appears
by Simon Parsons

80 | O Canada:
From the West
by Dawne Deeley

86 | O Canada:
From the East
by Clive Davies

90 | World in Review:
Chile, Brazil,
Australia, Germany,
Norway, Belgium

271 | Laws & Paws:
Alternatives to
by Lisa Curry, Esq.

284 | Health Matters:
Building a
Health Profile
by Debra Eldredge, DVM

367 | Show Scene:
Late October-
Late November 2009

371 | National Specialty
by Paula Pascoe

374 | Rates and

377 | Letters/Bark Back:
Our Readers Take Over




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