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Just received your great Dogs in Review (January 2007). I want to let you know your spread on the English Setters was very well done. Thank you for letting me be part of it.   
Erik Bergishagen

I am a new subscriber to your publication and must admit, it is a much needed breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed your feature on English Setters and am attaching a photo you might like.  This was my Great Uncle Gaston in 1938 with four of his English Setters and a pet deer, taken in his back yard in Thibadoux, La. He raised ES to hunt and would give you, rather than sell you, a dog on the condition the dog was hunted. If you did not hunt the dog, he would repossess the dog!

Thanks again for a great magazine.
Susan F. Shephard
Deja Vu Pekingese

Greetings from the Big Sky Country!
Your “World in Review” article (DR January 2007) was most informative and very interesting.

I was particularly interested in the clip about the “new” breed, the East European Shepherd Dog. I wish that I had the opportunity to see  this critter move. From the posed picture it appears to be most stable with good balance and up on all four legs. It most certainly would be more preferable to me than the crippled GSDs attempting to navigate our rings today. Surely, if I was still breeding the GSD, as a breeder of good dogs (forget the show BS) I might well consider infusing some of this blood into my line.

In another vein, I am curious about the folks involved with this breed in Russia. The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise I would like very much to visit Moscow this coming year. I am intrigued.

My thanks for good reading.
Hugh James Ungerleider
Ronan, Mont.

So many times I’ve wanted to tell you how I have enjoyed your articles on the dogs in the past — Ch. My Own Brucie, a dog whose half-sister I had, Ch. Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, the beautiful English Setter Sturdy Max.

When I was a youngster in the Junior Judging contest at the Chicago International show with my sisters, Shirley and Pat, I put up the Boxer pup Best of Breed over the adult. Guess who? Bang Away. In our own classes all three of us placed — my sister Shirley was second, I was third and Pat was fifth. Not bad out of an entry of 200 youngsters. My sisters became AKC professional handlers and I am an AKC judge. I also was second in Children’s handling out of 72 in Open judged by Percy Roberts. I still have the trophy, with a press camera engraved on it, offered by the Sun Times newspaper. I saw personally many of the dogs in your articles.

Thank you,
Angela Lagerstedt Amacher
Ribbon Raider English Cockers
Est. 1947

The 2007 DR Annual was spectacular! Thanks for the article on Bev Wanjon and her Vizslas. She truly deserved the recognition.
Marcia Hostetler

Arnold Woolf’s column is well written and makes valid points BUT I doubt that a single unqualified judge will recognize himself as the incompetent one.
Judge J. Linton Moustakis
Anchorage, Alaska

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the very comprehensive article on the AKC Museum of the Dog written by Sue LeMieux that appears in the Dogs in Review 2007 Annual. Thank you.

We are very proud of our lovely museum and feel it’s a true treasure that touches the hearts of everyone who loves and appreciates dogs.  From paintings and drawings by artistic masters, many of which are depicted in the article, to the whimsical and contemporary, the museum’s art collection is the most extensive of its kind in the country.  We hope members of the fancy will be inspired to visit the museum in St. Louis where they can see the best of dog art firsthand!

Barbara Jedda McNab,
Executive Director
The AKC Museum of the Dog


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Carol   Minneapolis, Minnesota

10/24/2012 7:07:44 AM

Oh so sorry but I left out one point about my dog Rover. He also started chemotherapy immediately when the cancer came back and he was under a oncologist's care.

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Carol   Minneapolis, Minnesota

10/24/2012 7:05:23 AM

I read your article on cancer with great interest. My dog, Rover, had melanoma which we caught extremely early. He had no symptoms but my other dog smelled it. Rover had 2 operations, one to remove the tumor and the other to remove margins. He was cancer free. He had the vaccine. It was worthless. The cancer came back immediately. We tried chinese herbs and acupuncture but the dog passed. Just thought you would like to hear another point of view.

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