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We’ve arrived at the time of year (actually a little earlier this year than in years past) when we get to present to the fancy the list of nominees for our Winkies™ for Annual Achievement. Our team at Dogs in Review, and all of the people who work with us on the Show Dogs of the Year Awards dinner held in New York City each February, get quite excited around this time — I think primarily because the Winkies™ are one of only a handful of opportunities for people who excel in our sport, who are talented, who contribute positively to the sport, to be recognized. Recognition of achievements, showing gratitude to those who make positive contributions, and sometimes just saying, “Good job!” are often what motivates people to continue to seek and achieve excellence. And it’s just plain fun to be part of acknowledging the best in our sport, the humans as well as the canines.

There are so many breeders, judges, owner-handlers, professional handlers, youngsters, assistants, club members, photographers, superintendents and others in our sport who warrant recognition. We have an abundance of talent and dedication in our sport such that we could have a different slate of nominees for the Winkies™ every year for years to come and never repeat a  name. Our nominees for 2007, announced in this issue on page 54, are as always very deserving of this recognition, and we congratulate them all.We’ll have more about all of the nominees in upcoming issues of DR.

Others in the sport who deserve recognition at this time are the fanciers, breeders, owners, judges and professional handlers who have been working so hard in the fight against California AB 1634. As Bo Bengtson mentions in “Opening Space” in this issue, the fight isn’t over yet. It’s very impressive, however, how much time and effort many of our friends and colleagues have put into the efforts to defeat this ill-conceived legislation. Kerrin Winter-Churchill writes this month about the National Animal Interest Alliance conference she attended earlier this year, sharing a great deal of what she learned there and bringing to light the experience of the NAIA and how dedicated the organization is to aiding the fight against poor dog legislation. There is also a group here in California that I want to mention — a diverse collection of long-time, experienced dog people who’ve been working hard over the past months as members of Concerned Dog Owners of California, or CDOC for short. CDOC’s mission statement: “(T)o provide information and education to elected officials and others so that legislation and regulation will promote the health, well-being and appropriate care of all dogs, protect the rights and responsibilities of dog owners and breeders, and support responsible dog ownership.” Many of the officers, directors and members of CDOC who’ve been toiling to fight 1634 the past few months are familiar names, people we see at shows often, and certainly all who have lives and jobs outside the work they’ve done on our behalf. Because I know we’re all grateful for the work they’ve been doing, as well as that of all of the other organizations fighting 1634, I want to mention and thank CDOC’s officers and directors: President Louis Krokover; Executive Director Cathie Turner; Vice Presidents Carol Esterkin and Mike Stone; Secretary Sharon Shilkoff; Treasurer Laura Finco; Directors Glenda Brown, Ted Crawford, Karen Crete, Bill McFadden, Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna and Amy Rutherford. The battle isn’t over, but we appreciate what they’ve done and continue to do. For more information on the organization please visit www.cdoca.org. The AKC web site (www.akc.org), as always, also has updated information on pending legislation all around the country, and in our AKC Legislative Alerts we have included recent amendments to 1634.

In upcoming issues you’ll find much more about individuals and organizations that have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the sport of purebred dogs, including one I particularly look forward to bringing to you next month when we present Sue LeMieux’s story about the OFA and the Canine Health Information Center. Enjoy this issue!

Christi McDonald, Editor


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