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The July issue of Dogs in Review included, “What is Happening at AKC?” -- an article explaining some of the recent programs and proposals being worked on at the American Kennel Club, as well as commentary by AKC Vice Chairman David Merriam on the proposal to all mixed-breeds to participate in some AKC events. We promised more coverage of those topics in this and future issues of DR. In the meantime, the June AKC Delegates meeting has taken place, in part reported on by Blackie Nygood in this issue, where the new registration research service was presented to one of the delegate committees, with a question-and-answer session following. Blackie reports that delegates in that meeting were satisfied after the presentation regarding the new service. I am told by sources inside the AKC that the new service continues to work with many customers who wish to get their dogs registered with AKC and, of course, other solutions to the problem of declining registrations and a need for enhanced revenues continue to be explored on a continuing basis.

The mixed-breed proposal was also discussed at the June meeting, following which each delegate was given a packet containing four questions related directly to this proposal and its administration. Delegates were asked to take these questions back to their clubs for feedback and to return the responses they gather to AKC within approximately five weeks. This input will then reportedly be studied by the Board of Directors.

I want to encourage anyone who is interested in what is going on at AKC -- and at some level we should all be interested -- to make it a habit to go to the AKC web site (www.akc.org) and read through the minutes of the delegates meetings and the Board of Directors meetings. The Board of Directors meet eight times per year -- two months in a row, then skipping one month -- and the delegates meet four times a year, in March, June, September and December. Although not every question you have is likely to be answered by the minutes of these meetings, you certainly will be much more enlightened for having read them. The June minutes of the delegates meeting, for instance, include a lengthy and detailed presentation by AKC President Dennis Sprung regarding the continued decline in AKC registrations, the competing registries that are the primary cause of these declines, and exactly how this impacts AKC. Even for those who attempt to keep themselves informed, this is a good review of the issues with which AKC is faced.

The 2008 World Show in Sweden is now part of history, as is our own Sealyham Terrier ‘Charmin,’ who was awarded Best in Show there. Congratulations to Margery Good, as well as Richard Good and Sandra Middlebrooks, on this marvelous accomplishment. We have brief coverage of the final winners in this issue, on page 22, and we’ll have complete coverage when Bo Bengtson and Allan Reznik return from Stockholm, to be included in the September issue of DR.

We also have reports from two different shows in this issue, the “Woofstock” cluster in Northern California and the 100th Anniversary show of the Wheaton Kennel Club in Illinois. I want to remind all of our readers that we gladly accept reports on any show around the country that you attend would like to write up, and we especially want to encourage National Specialty reports. Approximately 700 to 800 words is ideal, and we always want to include an official photograph of the Best in Show or Specialty Best in Show winner(s). For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me at cmcdonald@bowtieinc.com.

Be safe with your dogs, and have a happy summer!
                                                                    Christi McDonald, Editor


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