Dogs In Review August 2009 Table of Contents

August 3, 2009




Dogs in Review August 2009 Cover

August 2009

26 | In Memoriam:
Dorothy Nickles

by Christi McDonald

32 | In Memoriam:
Michael Suave

by Mari-Beth O’Neill

42 | 5 Minutes With...
Judges Bob Slay,
Steve Hayden and
Chuck Winslow

98 | Small But
Mighty Hunters:
The Norwegian Lundehund

by Dawne Deeley

104 | Breeder-Judges
Breed Priorities:
Boston Terriers

by Nikki Riggsbee

108 | Boston Terrier Bits
by Ruby Harris

112 | We’ve Become a
Sport of Exclusion —
Can We Turn It Around?
by Christi McDonald

117 | Dogs in Review
Presents The
Canadian Feature

118 | Canada’s Largest
Dog Show:
Lower Mainland
Dog Fanciers

by Dawne Deeley

120 | Quiz: How Well
Do You Know
Canadian Judges?

by Nikki Riggsbee

122 | Canada’s 2008
Top Dogs

by Dawne Deeley

143 | Dogs in Review
Presents The
Owner-Handler Feature

144 | Inside the Mind
of Sandy D’Andrea,
2008 Best Owner-Handler
by Richard Beauchamp

148 | Dogs in Review
Talks to Five Successful

by Christi McDonald

168 | Quick Quotes
from Owner-Handlers

186 | Tibetan Spaniel
National Specialty
by Dianne Tyree


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July 2009 September 2009


6 | Editor’s Page
by Christi McDonald

10 | Bo Bengtson
At Large: Facts
and Figures:
AKC’s Ups
and Downs


14 | Success in
Show Dogs:
Horses for Courses:
Drag of
the Breed
by Richard
(“Rick”) G.

34 | Health Matters:
Laser Therapy
for Dogs
by Debra Eldredge, DVM

38 | The Top
Contenders for the
2009 Show Dogs
of the Year Awards

48 | The British
Genetic Diversity,
Summer Shows
and More
by Simon Parsons

64 | World in Review:
Denmark, Russia,
Hungary, Australia

88 | Laws & Paws:
The Value of a Dog

by Lisa Curry

116 | Youth for
Animal Welfare


140 | O Canada:
From the West

by Dawne Deeley;
From the East
by Clive Davies

181 | Show Scene:
June-July 2009

184 | Show Scene

by Christi McDonald

185 | National Specialty
by Paula Pascoe

188 | Letters/Bark Back:
Our Readers Take Over

189 | Rates and

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