Dogs In Review August 2010 Table of Contents

August 9, 2010




August 2010 cover

August 2010

32 | Dogs and Dog Shows
(By Him For Her)
by Brian Patrick Duggan

34 | Inside the Mind of Jere Marder,
Winkie® Award Winner, 2009
Best Owner-Handler 
by Richard ("Rick”) G. Beauchamp

54 | The Top Contenders for the
2010 Show Dogs of the Year Awards

72 | AKC Rules and Regulations
Part 2: Disqualifications
by Amy Fernandez


82 | Around the World in 50 Years, Part 9
by Bo Bengtson

86 | Denmark Hosts the World
by Dawne Deeley

100 | Morris & Essex Reborn
by Bo Bengtson


116 | Bryn Mawr Kennel Club Celebrates in Style
by Kerrin Winter-Churchill

122 | Breeder-Judges Breed Priorities: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
by Nikki Riggsbee

138 | Dogs in Review  Presents The Owner-Handler Feature
139 | Owner-Handlers Speak Out
compiled by Allan Reznik

150 | A Gallery of Owner-Handlers
compiled by Allan Reznik

158 | Dogs in Review  Presents The Canada Feature
159 | Canada’s Top Dogs
by Amanda Kelly

170 | Canada’s Must-Do Shows
by Beth Hilborn


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6 | Editor’s Page
by Allan Reznik
10 | Bo Bengtson
At Large:
Show Entries:
Up or Down?

14 | Success in
Show Dogs:
Where Are the
Best Dogs Bred?
(The 20,000
Mile Answer)
by Richard (“Rick”)
G. Beauchamp

22 | O Canada:
From the West
by Dawne Deeley
From the East
by Clive Davies

30 | All My Views:
Low Match Entry
and AKC/CHF Drama
by Blackie Nygood

38 | The British
Connection: Winners
at Three Counties,
Border Union,
Blackpool and
by Simon Parsons

58 | World in
Review: Lithuania,
South Africa
and Australia
174 | Rates
and Deadlines

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