Montgomery County 2008


Sunday morning on the first weekend of October this year as a friend and I walked out on the Montgomery County all-Terrier show grounds in Blue Bell, Pa., just after judging started, my companion echoed exactly the feeling I had when I arrived at the Community College that morning: that she missed the old show grounds, the mist that hung in the hollows on the grounds at Temple University first thing on a crisp morning, the familiar layout of the tents and the rings: Cairns, Norwich, Norfolks and Scotties on the back row along the street, with Kerries there at the end; Airedales on this front corner and Smooths and Wires here, side by side; Wheatens and Schnauzers on that end, too, nearer the big grooming tent. We cherished, as dog people do, going back to Montgomery every year to our familiar old grounds. Although we don’t realize it at the time, we make so many memories year after year at dog shows, and particularly at shows like Montgomery that are especially significant to us.

But the new show grounds at Blue Bell, Pa., — not really new anymore, since Montgomery has been there since 2005 — are really quite good, and the show committee has already, in just four short years, made improvements in organization and planning. There are distinct advantages to the new show grounds, mentioned here before, not the least of which is that with all the rings in one central location handlers are much more likely to be able to make all of their dogs — which of course is so important to owners at such a significant show — and anyone with an interest in seeing multiple breeds can easily go from ring to ring and keep up with several different breeds at one time, something that was often impossible at Ambler. The grounds are attractive, parking is plentiful and convenient, the lunch and overseas visitor tents are handy to the rings, and as always the ring embellishments are simple and tasteful. Montgomery County is still the favorite dog show of so many people, and not just Terrier people. The quality in every breed is amazing, the judges of the highest caliber. As I said in our coverage of this show the first year that it moved from Temple University to Blue Bell, Montgomery County is not its venue — it is the quality of the dogs exhibited there and of the dog people gathered there.

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