Dogs In Review December 2011 Table of Contents

December 1, 2011




Dogs in Review December 2011

December 2011

74 | The Top Contenders for the 2011 Show Dogs of the Year Awards

104 | Breed Priorities: The French Bulldog
by Nikki Riggsbee

110 | The Afghan Hound Club of America 75th Anniversary National Specialty
by Mary Kenney Blacker

114 | Remembering My Uncle Ric by Andrew Green

116 | In Memoriam: Walt Shellenbarger by Gretchen K. Schultz

118 | In Memoriam: Anna Wanner by Dennis M. McCoy

122 | Ladies and Gentlemen: Eukanuba Hall by Allan Reznik

128 | The Harvest Moon Classic by Bo Bengtson

134 | The Saint Bernard Club of America National Specialty Show
by Cheryl Zappala

138 | The Timeless Mrs. Dodge: An Art Exhibit Celebrates Her Passion
by Amy Fernandez

146 | The Greatest Show Dogs Ever: Part 1 by Bo Bengtson

156 | Professional Dog Handler Organizations by Amy Fernandez
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162 | The Rankings Systems: How to Level the Playing Field
by Bo Bengtson
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166 | Professional Handler Ad Index

178 | You Said It: All in a Day's Judging by Laurie Doumaux
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184 | Quiz: How Well Do You Know Handlers? by Nikki Riggsbee

196 | Flying the Not-So-Friendly Skies by Amy Fernandez
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220 | The Dogs in Review Questionnaire

258 | Judging Competitions for Juniors and Adults by Paul Lepiane
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286 | AKC Announces New Fees by Lisa Curry
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302 | The Judges Talk About Siberian Huskies
compiled and edited by Bo Bengtson

313 | The Spirit of a Dog by Kerrin Winter-Churchill

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6 | Editor’s Page by Allan Reznik

10 | Bo Bengtson At Large: Great Reading — And Pretty Pictures

14 | Success in Show Dogs: The 9th Annual "What I Should Have Said" Review
by Richard G. ("Rick") Beauchamp

38 | O Canada: From the East by Will Alexander and From the West
by Dawne Deeley

54 | British Connection: Selling the Kennel Club, Coat Testing, US Ex-Pat and Poodles Lead the Way...
by Simon Parsons

64 | All My Views: Coping With Cancelled Shows
by Blackie Nygood

82 | World in Review: Colombia, China, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Scandanavia, Australia

154 |

159 | Bark Back/Our Readers Take Over

160 | In the Public Eye: Diary of a First-Time Exhibitor
by Karen Steinrock
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232 | Health Matters: Mosquito Borne Viruses
by Deb Eldredge, DVM
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298 | Show Scene: Mid October-November 2011

318 | Rates and Deadlines

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