Dogs In Review February 2009 Table of Contents

February 17, 2009




Dogs in Review - February 2009 cover

February 2009

26 | Quiz: How Well Do You
Know Top Dogs?
by Nikki Riggsbee

88 | The 54th Annual
Purina ProPlan®
Show Dogs of the Year
by Christi McDonald

108 | Those Flourishing
Flushing Spaniels:
American Spaniel Club 2009

by Dan Sayers

116 | The Leonberger 
by Alice Bixler

118 | A Matter of Opinion:
Be Willing —
Suggestions for the Battle Ahead
by Carol Hawke


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6 | Editor’s Page
On The Upswing?
by Christi McDonald
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10 | Bo Bengtson At
Large: America
Loves Westminster

14 | Success in Show
Dogs: The Generic Dog Show
by Richard (“Rick”)
G. Beauchamp

28 | The British Connection:
KC Bans and the New Season
by Simon Parsons

38 | O Canada: From
the West by Dawne
From the East by
Clive Davies

46 | Health Matters:
How Early is
Too Early?
by Debra Eldredge, DVM

52 | Laws & Paws:
Breeders and
Puppy Buyers
by Lisa Curry, Esq.
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64 | World in Review:

80 | All My Views
That Are Fit to Print:
Out With the Old...
by Blackie Nygood

120 | Letters/Bark Back:
Our Readers Take Over

122 | Breed Notes
and Show Dates

123 | Show Scene:
AKC Best in Show
Winners in
January 2009

126 | Rates and Deadlines

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