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We’ve just enjoyed the AKC/Eukanuba show in Long Beach (see page 22, and for full coverage, the next issue of DR) and the final shows of 2007 will finish up in the next 10 days. Then Christmas and New Years, and pretty soon we start all over again. At Dogs in Review, we’ve already begun our “new year” with this January issue. The magazine has undergone both a revamping of its schedule -- including the addition of a 12th issue – and a redesign, about which we are very excited.

In the past, the February/March Annual was a double issue encompassing two months and has been the very successful issue that we brought to New York each year for Westminster. Starting with this January 2008 volume, we will now have 12 issues per year, and the Annual was changed from February/March to January. We know that our advertisers didn’t quite have time to become accustomed to the new schedule for this 2008 Annual, and we fully expect to have another huge Annual for 2009. In the meantime, our February issue, which we’ll now distribute in New York, will be a blockbuster. I know you’ll greatly appreciate the work that BowTie Senior Art Director Brian Bengelsdorf and DR Designer Lenney Chester contributed to the beautiful new editorial design for the magazine.

As always, Dogs in Review is proud to bring you articles by our talented contributors; for this issue, Amy Fernandez researched the original formation of the American Kennel Club, Kerrin Winter-Churchill brings us another in her “Great Ones” series, and Bo Bengtson interviewed one of the brightest and most successful dog men in the U.K., Michael Gadsby. This issue includes a great deal more, and we hope you enjoy it.

Purebred dog enthusiasts face a great many issues in the coming year, some of which are personal. Many in our “family” of dog people are aging and face health concerns and illness; anti-dog legislation continues to be a worry about which we must be diligent; nationwide, natural disasters as well as the state of the U.S. economy have created hardships for some in the sport. In spite of these concerns, there is so much for us, as fanciers and citizens, to be grateful for: researchers continue to make advances in both canine and human health, the American Kennel Club is in the hands of experienced men and women who are working to improve myriad conditions for our dogs and for all fanciers, and the wider world of dogs continues to benefit from improved communication and travel. Above all, as a sport, we have proven again this past year that when the going gets tough, dog people show up, roll up their sleeves and get to work, whether it is a natural or manmade disaster, death, accident, illness, or banding together to fight a wrong or injustice. How lucky we are to have not only our beloved dogs in our lives, but also to have our friends and colleagues in the sport of dogs.

Dogs in Review will continue to bring you the best in the sport, both canine and human, as well as news, history, interviews, show results and more. Best wishes to all in the coming year, and Happy Holidays!

                                                                          Christi McDonald, Editor


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