New Years Wishes 2008


Good health for everyone.
Dennis Sprung
AKC President

That our troops come home safely and soon.
Kellie FitzGerald
Professional handler

Though it may sound strange, I wish for a year of growth in our sport. The dog world, at least here in Canada, seems to grow smaller with every passing year.  Entries and registrations continue to drop.  So my hope is that we, as a community, find new and innovative ways to not only attract new dog breeders and fanciers but — perhaps more importantly — instill in them the enduring love of this sport they will need to persevere over time.  (Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I’ll also take world peace, an end to global warming, a cure for cancer and a new Fendi purse.)
Amanda Kelly
Toy Manchester breeder/owner, Editor --
Canine Review magazine

In addition to peace in the world and a solution for global warming, health for my family and friends.
Mari-Beth O’Neill
AKC Assistant Vice-President

President George Clooney.
Tina Yuhl
Poodle breeder/owner

A serious wish for good health for all those I love.
Karen LeFrak
Poodle breeder/owner

Good health, happiness and prosperity for my family, friends and all good people around the world; safety and prosperity for our country; cures for all types of cancer; an end to all world conflicts; and, peace and understanding among all nations.
Jean Heath
Lakeland Terrier breeder/owner

Health, happiness and more of the same!
Tim Brazier
Professional handler

No more anti-dog/breed legislation and good health for all those who have been having health issues this past year.
Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine

That dog shows become fun again. I am competitive, but shows should still be fun for the dogs and owners.  And of course for everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season!
Lyndell Ackerman
Saluki breeder/owner

I wish everyone just one more day with their once-in-a-lifetime dog. I wish to all the blessing of knowing a very special dog, though it’s just for a while. I wish for each individual in the fancy health, prosperity, and the strength to do the right thing every time.
Laura Reeves
Professional handler

To win the lottery.
Amy Rutherford
Professional handler

For things to keep going the way they went in 2007.
Jenna Orivis
Assistant to Amy Rutherford

48 hour days.
Lisa Croft Elliot

Just to keep on going.
Jackie Gottleib
Breeder and owner

Happiness and joy, dahling!
Michael Gadsby
Breeder, owner and handler, the U.K.

A visa.
Jason Lynn
U.S. breeder/owner now living in the U.K.

Good weather for the Palm Springs dog show.
Jack Bradshaw

That every state could have young, handsome bull riders in tight-fitting Lees for their own state.
Sue Vroom
AKC Rep, recently moved to Texas

Beautiful help.
Eddie Boyes
Professional handler

That the whole of dogdom would settle down and start having fun.
Esme Treen

To attend Curves three times a week.
Judi Daniels

To go to Montgomery County with a “team” of four Smooth Fox Terriers and to have Brace classes offered at AKC/Eukanuba.
Trudy Haines
Smooth Fox Terrier breeder/owner

Relaxation with a few days off.
Kaz Hosaka
Professional handler

For my three girls to stay healthy.
Andy Linton
Professional handler

For everyone’s wishes to come true!
Amy Linton
Professional handler

Good knees.
Bill McFadden
Professional Handler

To be here to see the next one!
Desi Murphy

Good health.
Judy Doniere

No more poor dog legislation!
Patricia Cruz

Number 1 Standard Poodle and that my company sells.
Ginny Dorris
Poodle breeder/owner

A few days off.
Kay Palade-Peiser
Professional handler

For Kay to have more qualified help.
Samantha Seaman
Poodle breeder/owner

To keep being happy!
Alysa Syar
Alaskan Malamute breeder/owner

World peace.
Janice Pardue

Prosperity for Janice.
Melvin Pardue

The ability to come up with clever answers on the spot!
Patty Keenan
Judge and owner

Health for my parents.
Nancy Spelke

Fewer friends getting sick.
Peter Green

That Bush is gone.
David Powers

For the U.S. to get the #$^)! out of Iraq… and to be thinner.
Julie Kay
Professional handler

For AB 1634 to go away.
Heather Alderson-Lindberg
Professional handler

Happiness for everyone.
Doug Johnson

For my wife to be completely well.
Gary Steele
Professional handler

Continued health for my aging parents.
Suzanne Forsyth
Saluki breeder/owner

To have as good a string of dogs in 2008 as I did in 2007 and great clients.
Rhanda Glenn
Professional handler

More Whippets!
Jody Paquette
Professional handler

A green card.
Carlos Molina
Professional handler

Good health.
Dorothy Macdonald

Another top Yorkie.
Kirsten McGregor
Professional handler

Another “smooth” year!
Marcelo Santiago
Fox Terrier owner

That no more people die in the name of God, and that everyone is able to keep their homes and animals in good health and happiness.
Iris Love
Dachshund breeder/owner

That the world be a better place, one kind act at a time.
Margery Good
Professional handler

It might sound silly, but at a time like this our wish really is for peace throughout the world. We would hope that people learn to embrace our differences.
Tray Pittman and Paul Flores
Breeder/owners and professional handlers

More time at home.
Jenny Wornall
Professional handler

To watch my daughter graduating with her Masters degree.
Rachel Irvin
Afghan breeder/owner-handler

A real vacation.
Ernesto Lara
Professional handler

A few less disasters in the world, both man-made and natural.
Jeff Pepper
Breeder and Judge

That every stray, homeless, unwanted and abused animal finds a loving and deserving home.
Dawn Deeley
Karelian Bear Dog breeder/owner

An end to the ridiculous anti-dog legislation.
Dr. John Ioia

An end to idiocracy in government.
Dr. Steve Lawrence
Puli and Havanese breeder/owner

A record-breaking year!
Jennifer Stevens

To win Miss Congeniality… and world peace.
Maripi Wooldridge

A diamond ring.
Kristin Karboski
Professional handler

Total defeat of AB 1634.
Donna Ashbrook
Manchester Terrier breeder/owner

A happy, fun-filled New Year meeting lots of new friends.
Wendy Paquette
Shih Tzu breeder/owner

A life partner who loves dogs.
James Taylor
Publisher, editor, Shiba Inu owner

That all the people who should read Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type do read it.
Rick Beauchamp
Judge, author, breeder/owner

Return the focus to the dogs, which is what brings us together, and to continue to care about their welfare, too.
Gretchen Bernardi

More healthy dogs.
Dr. Carmen Battaglia
Judge and author

That all my family and friends will enjoy a happy, peaceful and healthy year.  It would be great if the rest of the world could enjoy that, too – especially the “peace” part!
Mariette O’Malley
Irish Setter breeder/owner

Better deer.
Jimmy Moses
Professional handler

A new place to live that’s appropriate for me and my dogs, and from where I’ll never have to move again.
Mary Bloom

For my Neapolitan Mastiff to be a Top 20 Working dog.
Ed Thomason
Professional handler

A little red sports car for my wife.
Shea Skinner
Professional handler

World peace and good health.
Michael Shepherd
Professional handler

Type, substance, and a democratic president.
Dan Nechemias
Tibetan Mastiff breeder/owner

That all my dogs stay happy and healthy.
Jean Rakestraw
Mastiff breeder/owner

To be healthy and keep going to dog shows.
Phyllis Wolfish

To be alive!
Roger Hartinger

To keep on doing what I’m doing!
Arlene Czech

To live through it!
Chuck Arnold

An easy year.
Hans Kabel
Professional handler

For my daughter to stay healthy.
(Olivia was born three weeks premature in mid-November.)
J.R. Alcantara
Professional handler

Lower gas prices!
Leslie Simis
Professional handler

To stay longer in Africa on vacation.
Lois DeMers
Professional handler

A 21-year-old eligible bachelor.
Claudia Dupont
Assistant to Chris Manelopoulos and Rachel Corbin

To enjoy every day with my family, friends and dogs for each day with them is a gift to treasure and not to be taken for granted, and for 2008 to be a year of great joy for everyone whom I love.
Anne Marie Kubacz
Irish Setter breeder/owner

We’re wishing for warm weather; it’s 5 degrees and there’s a foot of snow on the ground!
Georgy and Bob Covey
Professional Handlers

To continue to have great clients, great dogs, good heath... and a happy wife!
David Gignac
Professional handler

To make it to 2009.
Howie Huber III
Professional handler

To continue to meet wonderful dogs and owners.
Denise Dean

For Tom Bruni to get well, my parents to stay healthy and to get a new president.
Meg Callea
Dalmatian breeder/owner, photographer

To retire with grace and dignity.
Johnny Shoemaker

Health and happiness… and a Scottie beaded hat made in Johnny’s next therapy session!
Jerry Roszman

To be voted cutest new couple/handling team.
Rhonda Pacchioli and Liz Volz
Breeder/owners and handlers

To have the Number 1 Beagle.
Kelly Hackler
Professional handler

To be able to “1031” exchange properties so we can move to North Carolina.
Susie Olivera
Professional handler

A happy year.
Johann Emedi
Rottweiler breeder/owner and handler

For ‘Delilah’ to make it to Eukanuba in 2008.
Jeanine Rodriguez
Shar-Pei owner

For my Shar-Pei to win a Best in Show.
Kathy Melvard
Shar-Pei breeder/owner

To drive fewer miles.
Diana Wilson
Professional handler

For my dogs to do real well in agility.
Sidney Murdock
Junior Handler

To love and enjoy our dogs so they become the greatest winners.
Nancy Sturgis
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeder/owner

To have as much fun in 2008 in the ring with ‘Cooper’ as we did in 2007.
Tamara Carey
Borzoi breeder/owner

To get my first CD on my Dandie and a championship on my baby.
Carol Hamilton
Dandie Dinmont Terrier owner

That Neos would get the respectability they deserve.
Mimi Winkler
Neapolitan Mastiff owner

That my Neo Mastiff win a Best in Show.
Jim Deppen
Neapolitan Mastiff breeder/owner

To be the best Junior Handler around.
Stephanie Salas
Junior Handler


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