Dogs In Review January 2008 Table of Contents

January 8, 2008




Dogs In Review | January 2008

2008 Annual

22 | AKC Eukanuba Report

24 | A Day at the Office…with the Dogs in Review Team
by Thomas Kimball

28 | Looking Back to 1890

42 | The Top Contenders for the 2007 Purina Proplan™ Show Dogs of the Year Awards

116 | Dogs in Review Interviews Michael Gadsby
by Bo Bengtson

162 | Dogs in the White House

170 | Emergency Planning
by Christi McDonald

176 | The Power of the Pen
The Formation of the American Kennel Club More>>
by Amy Fernandez

192 | Early Dog Shows — The George Grantham Bain Collection
The Mineola Dog Show

217 | New Year’s Wishes

267 | In Case of Disaster...
An International Organization of Canine Rescue Teams
Story and photos by Karl Donvil

300 | How Well do You Know...Handlers?
by Nikki Riggsbee

346 | The Great Ones
Ch. Cummings’ Gold Rush Charlie More>>
by Kerrin Winter Churchill

360 | Working Together 2007
The United States Canine Registries Conference
by Mark Threlfall, Executive Vice President,United Kennel Club

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6 | Editor’s Page
by Christi McDonald

10 | Contributors

14 | Opening Space
Judging the Judges…The Good Old Days More>>
by Bo Bengtson

26 | News

30 | The 5th Annual “What I Should Have Said” Review
by Richard (“Rick”) G. Beauchamp

38 | Analysis
Attention Students!
by Jacklyn E. Hungerland, Ph.D.

46 | The British Connection
Judges Observed, Champion Classes, Autumn Shows — and the “World Challenge”
by Simon Parsons

58 | All My Views That Are Fit to Print
The Good Old Days,
by Blackie Nygood

62 | AKC Legislative Alerts
by Paula Pascoe

68 | O Canada
From the East, by Clive Davies
From the West, by Dawne Deeley

82 | World in Review
Australia, Tasmania, Belgium, Denmark, Eastern Europe, Finland, New Zealand, Puerto Rico

164 | My Two Cents
Rants from the Exhibitor and Judge’s Point of View
by Sid Marx

168 | Junior Showmanship
The Road to Eukanuba
by Kate Eldredge

196 | Handler Index

286 | AKC Chairman’s Report

323 | Health Matters
Should We Be Concerned About Umbilical Hernias?
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

324 | News from the Canine Health Foundation

361 | Shows in Review
Del Valle: A Real Dog Show!
by Bo Bengtson

362 | Breed Notes & Show Dates

364 | Shows in Review
The Kennel Club of Philadelphia
by Christi McDonald

365 | Crossword Puzzle
21st Century Westminster

366 | Show Scene
AKC Best in Show Winners in Late October-late November 2007

370 | Letters/Bark Back
Our Readers Take Over

371 | Handlers & Photographers

372 | Rates & Deadlines

375 | In Memoriam
Melbourne T. L. Downing
by Christi McDonald

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