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Sporting breed images have held a prominent position since the inception of the canine collectible in the late 1880s. A strong relationship between humans and these canine companions and providers is largely responsible. The United Kingdom produced both the majority of canine collectibles and that of many of the Sporting Group breeds. The makers of collectibles always produced items that would attract the attention of their British audience.

A variety of collectibles for most Sporting breeds can be found. All of the greatest names in the history of canine art have made significant contributions. A fascinating and educational aspect of assembling your collection will be the illumination of your breed’s history and development as chronicled by your paintings, paper, porcelain and prints. The student of the dog can chart a visual history of how function and fashion dictated changes in some breeds, while others remained true to the original vision of early standards of excellence.

Twelve of the 30 Sporting breeds and varieties rank below 100 among the 165 breeds currently recognized by the American Kennel Club. The Boykin Spaniels will join the lower range as well when their numbers are tallied, as this is their first year for registrations.

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