Dogs in Review Talks to Dee Hutchinson, Rose Farm Dachshunds


Editor’s note: We were thrilled to be able to do this in-depth interview with Dee Hutchinson several months ago. Dee gave generously of her time and in addition, went through her photo albums to share pictures of great dogs, iconic judges and unforgettable handlers of the past with our readers. Given Dee’s devotion to the Hound Group as a second-generation Dachshund breeder/exhibitor, we felt it fitting to save the interview for this issue. We regret that she didn’t live to see it in print; Dee passed away on May 15. We extend our profound condolences to her daughters Sandy and Nancy; her grandchildren and great grandchildren; and her innumerable friends and admirers in the sport.

Dorothy O. Hutchinson of Rose Farm Dachshunds began showing dogs at the age of 10 and breeding dogs in her early teens. Begun by her mother, Nancy Onthank, in the 1950s, Rose Farm  produced more than 200 champion Dachshunds in all coats and both sizes. An American Kennel Club judge since 1973, Hutchinson was approved by the AKC to judge all breeds. Although she no longer actively bred, Hutchinson continued to co-own Dachshunds that kept the auspicious Rose Farm kennel name alive and well. She lived in Westbrook, Conn., and had been widowed for some years.

DR: How did Rose Farm begin?
DH: My mother and father started to purchase show-quality Dachshunds. They went down to the Bronx and bought two quality Standard Smooth brood bitches/show dogs from FreDelsa kennel. They were Debutante of FreDelsa (‘Debby’) and Red Velvet of FreDelsa. They were shown and finished, then bred. Debby became my mother’s favorite little pet and she ended up being the brood bitch foundation for Rose Farm. At this time we lived in Belhaven, part of Greenwich, Conn. Then in about 1950 we moved to Pecksland Road in Greenwich, and my mother named the property Rose Farm, and so it began. In the late 1960s, when my husband Bruce and I moved to Pound Ridge, N.Y., we kept the Rose Farm name. At about the same time, my parents moved to Vermont but had basically stopped breeding at that point. So Rose Farm continued in Pound Ridge for the next 33 years until Bruce and I moved to Westbrook, Conn.

DR: Why did your mother choose the name “Rose Farm”?
DH: My mother just loved roses and grew many of them in her garden, so it was a natural choice for her.

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